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11 home decor gift ideas

Christmas is getting close and you’re probably now at the point where you’ve started buying presents, or at least thinking about what to give your friends and family. If, however, you’ve drawn a blank when it comes to what to get for a particular person, then why not eschew the fancy wine and chocolates and consider home decor items for a less obvious choice?

Whether it’s a lamp that could look great in a friend’s living room, a little something for your teen son’s room or maybe a particularly decadent rug you could give your other half for the master bedroom (which you secretly might want a little bit too…) here’s our rundown of some great gift ideas.

1. Light up their life

 http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-meena-cutwork-lamp-with-diffuser/p1617479 http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-meena-cutwork-lamp-with-diffuser/p1617479

A beautiful lamp is a thing of sheer joy, that can improve the ambiance of any room. This gorgeous Moroccan inspired lamp from John Lewis comes with it’s own diffuser to create a warming glow adding a little ‘hygge’ to any living room, dining room or bedroom.

2. For younger ones

 https://www.firebox.com/Dino-Lamps/p7529?via=hp&s=1x1&t=specific&sku=18927 https://www.firebox.com/Dino-Lamps/p7529?via=hp&s=1×1&t=specific&sku=18927

For younger individuals (or just the young at heart) check out these amazing ‘dino-lamps’ from Firebox. With a choice of a T-rex, triceratops or diplodocus in a range of colours, these origami-styled reptiles all come with super-energy efficient LED lights.

3. Boucherite rug

 http://www.maroctribal.com/boucherouite/ http://www.maroctribal.com/boucherouite/

One of the hottest trend’s of the last season, these so-called ‘rag-rugs’ are handmade in North Africa out of recycled fabric and even clothing. Though the rise in popularity of these types of rugs means that there’s a range of reproduction imitations available all over, with a little bit of searching online you can find a properly authentic and unique boucherite rug that any lucky recipient is sure to cherish for decades! Check the link above to Marcotribal to see what we mean!

4. Call to the table

 https://www.swooneditions.com https://www.swooneditions.com

Now, a table might be one of the last things on the list you’d expect to be considered a Christmas present. But hear us out for one moment. If there’s one piece of furniture which centres a room, it’s the coffee table. This makes it a great present for someone who’s just moved into a place of their own for the first time and is lacking on furniture. A good coffee table will compliment any open-plan space or living room. Check out this wonderful reclaimed elm and zinc example from Swoon Editions which mixes industrial materials with traditional eastern design.

5. For the adventurous

  https://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/scratch-map-12572  https://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/scratch-map-12572

We all have that friend who is seemingly never at home but always away in some far-flung part of the globe, and as the result of them always being away their home is a tad spartan. Well, with this brilliant scratch map you can combine their love of traveling with their need to decorate. The clever poster allows them to scratch off the shiny foil to proudly display all of the countries around the world they’ve visited, a great gift for any offspring who are about to venture off on a gap-year.

6. A fruity twist

 http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-pineapple-candle/p265531 http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-pineapple-candle/p265531

Candles as gifts tend to have a reputation of being a bit, half-hearted. It might be the gift you get the new girl you drew in the office secret santa. But, it doesn’t have to be as such. Since the age of sail the pineapple entered European iconography as symbol of welcome and hospitality (that’s why it features so heavily as a decorative element in period architecture). Making this lovely gold-hued pineapple candle from John Lewis would be a great stocking filler, although it’s so beautiful we’re not sure if anyone could ever bring themselves to actually burn it!

7. A saucy idea

 https://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/marble-copper-condiment-set-with-spoons-6663 https://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/marble-copper-condiment-set-with-spoons-6663

How to display that painstakingly made (or bought…) cranberry, and bread sauce on the table has always been a bit of a Christmas conundrum. But this mixed-material condiment set complete with spoons from Oliver Bonas are the solution. Made from copper and marble, which has been bang on trend this season, these would make a great gift if you’re visiting anyone for christmas lunch.

8. For the pizza lover

 http://etsy.me/2fy3PeY http://etsy.me/2fy3PeY

It’s an irrefutable fact that everyone loves pizza — ergo everyone will love this personalised pizza board and cute available on Etsy. The 14 inch board can have a customised message or symbol on each of the six sections, as well as the handle of the slicer.

9. Because everyone in the family deserves a little something

 http://etsy.me/2fy2xk3 http://etsy.me/2fy2xk3

At Opun we like to think our pets our part of the family, therefore they deserve something at Christmas too. Take a look at this handmade dog bed cover on Etsy. You can choose the size and fabric to exquisitely tailor your pooch’s bed to the rest of the room.

10. Put their name up in lights

 https://www.firebox.com/Cinema-Light-Box/p7460?via=related-products https://www.firebox.com/Cinema-Light-Box/p7460?via=related-products

The less obvious choice for a film-fanatic, this retro cinema light box from Firebox harks back to the golden age of film. Great for a teen bedroom or home cinema the box comes complete with 69 acetate numbers, letters and symbols to create any message. You can even buy emoji packs to go with it.

11. When all else fails.

 http://www.johnlewis.com/carved-louis-leaner-mirror-176-x-89-5cm/p1691933?colour=Gold http://www.johnlewis.com/carved-louis-leaner-mirror-176-x-89-5cm/p1691933?colour=Gold

This extravagant mirror from John Lewis would make a great gift for a significant other, perfect for a bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. It’s timeless styling and choice of colours means it will suit any taste.

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