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7 hacks to clean your bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the grandest bathroom in the land, with real marble flooring and a beautiful bathtub carved from stone. If it’s not clean, it’s going to look grim.

But let’s face facts here – nobody actually likes cleaning their bathroom. Bathrooms are where sticky, hairy and damp gross things accumulate. Cleaning them involves a lot of bending over and back pain to reach awkward places and some of the chemicals required for the perfect finish can be incredibly harsh.

So what can be done to make tidying up your bathroom a little more bearable? Here are seven need-to-know bathroom cleaning hacks…

Use The Mirror on your mirror

Cleaning mirrors can be a bit of a nightmare. You spray it, then you clean it, then you dry it. Then five minutes later, you come back to find it’s covered in streaks and before you know it, you’ve wasted another hour endlessly buffing out cloudy marks in a process that just seems to create… more cloudy marks.

The solution? Newspaper. Rather than painstakingly buffing the streaks once the mirror’s dry, take any old newspaper page, scrunch it up, then wipe it all over the mirror. Common sense says you’ll end up with glass covered in black ink yet you actually get a streak-less shine in no time. In your face, common sense!

Do that old ‘volcano experiment’ on your drains

Anyone who’s read or watched Fight Club will know that caustic soda is nasty stuff, and that sulphuric acid isn’t great for your skin either. Yet these two are the main ingredients in most shop-bought drain cleaners.

While such chemical heavy-hitters might quickly go to work on fat and hair inside your pipes, any spills can also do irreparable damage to you, your clothes and even your shiny bathroom fixtures. So rather than risk it, give vinegar and baking soda a try. Yep, the exact same mixture you used in that chemistry class volcano experiment.

To begin with, pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain, followed by a liberal amount of baking soda. Leave that to sit for a few minutes before pouring down about 300cl of vinegar, followed by more hot water. Put the plug in, leave it for another five minutes and then finish off by flushing it out with even more hot water. Hey presto! You should have a perfectly unblocked drain!

Vinegar your shower head

If you live in a hard water area, the chances are that after a few months of daily use, your shower head will start to look a bit tatty. Those white build-ups you see are limescale accumulations. Getting them off with chemicals can seem like overkill but scraping them off is hard and can easily cause ruinous surface damage to your shower head. So what’s the cheaper, more environmentally friendly option? Vinegar comes to the rescue once again!

There are two ways of doing this. You can either detach your shower head and put it into a bowl filled with white distilled vinegar, or you can fill a plastic bag with vinegar then tie it around the shower head while it’s still attached. Either way, leave it to soak for 30 minutes before rinsing with water, then use an old toothbrush to gently knock off any remaining bits of limescale.

Alka-Seltzer down the toilet

Bit of an odd one this, but it really works. If you’ve neglected to clean your toilet for a while but don’t want to use any harsh cleaning agents to take out that limescale and gunk, try chucking in a couple of effervescent stomach tablets instead. Leave them to fizz away in the bowl for five minutes, then just give the toilet a flush and a whizz-around with your loo brush. Bet you there’s an immediate improvement.

Shaving cream on taps

Who says you need to reach into the cleaning cupboard every time you want to clean up? Shaving foam works just as well as many household cleaning products when it comes to polishing chrome and stainless steel, so it’s the perfect thing to spruce up your bathroom taps. Conveniently, it usually sits right next to them anyway!

Kitchen cleaner

Have you ever found a hard-to-shift orange stain on your shower tiling or grouting? Well, you might not want to know this but that’s a deposit of congealed fat that comes from all the oil washed out of your skin. Yes – it’s a human oil slick in miniature.

While that’s pretty gross, the solution is most likely under your kitchen sink. Kitchen degreaser sprays are designed to cut through grease and fat and they don’t know (or care!) whether that’s come out of food or your skin. Just give the stain a quick spray and use an old sponge to wipe it away.

Get a grout pen

Finally, get a grout pen because believe us – it will make your life so much easier than trying to restore your grout with bleach. You can pick grout pens up online or in DIY shops for around £5 and they last ages.

Grout pens have a brush tip which is designed to perfectly fit between the tiles. They contain a mixture of cleaning agents and paint so every time you use one, you’re essentially drawing your pristine bathroom grouting back on. After a short amount of work, it’ll look like you’ve had your entire bathroom re-tiled!

Sometimes no hack or shortcut will do the trick

So there you have it – seven bathroom shortcuts. While cleaning the bathroom can be a laborious, often thankless task, there are plenty of tricks that take the pain out of the process. However, if even your best efforts can’t stop your bathroom from looking drab, it may be time to start thinking about giving it a bit of a renovation.

Thinking of improving your bathroom?

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