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5 home design trends to watch out for this summer

Design industry calendars are always somewhat ahead of reality, for example, Paris Fashion Week’s summer showcase occurs in September of the previous year. Whilst the world of home decor isn’t quite as far ahead as that of fashion, the arrival of April means that many interior designers have been making predictions on the hottest summer home trends for quite some time now.

To help you stay one step ahead of the pack and stand out from the crowd, we’ve been doing some extensive research in order to tell you five things that the home design gurus believe will be hugely popular this summer…

 Image credit: Essential Home Image credit: Essential Home

1. Lovely lavender

Shakespeare may have once written “What’s in a name?”, but last year’s trendiest colour, millennial pink, was simply too infuriatingly titled for it to stand the test of time. In fact, the shade’s popularity ended after it was mercissesly mocked seemingly by half the world’s press. This is a real shame, despite its unfortunate name, the actual hue was rather lovely.

As a result, designers around the world have started to favour lavender in millennial pink’s place. Lavender is also a sugary pastel shade, but its blue undertones give it a more elegant depth that allow it to be paired with many other colours.

 Image credit: Covet House Image credit: Covet House

2. Less minimalism, more maximalism!

You would need to have your head buried in the sand for decades to not understand the sheer ubiquity of every designer’s favourite style — minimalism. But have you heard of maximalism: the yin to minimalism’s yang?

The Scandi/Japanese influenced philosophy of minimalism has always encouraged us to take a ‘less is more’ approach to decorating, in order to create comfortable stripped-back rooms which generate a relaxing atmosphere.

Essentially, maximalism is the complete opposite of this and wholeheartedly exclaims that ‘more is more’.  It’s all about indulging in every possible aesthetic that makes you happy all at once and trying to inject as much of your own personality as you can into a room. If you love bright polkadots, zebra stripes and baroque furniture, you can throw them all in together as part of a maximalist room. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but thanks to a number of New York-based designers, it’s become one of Instagram’s most popular home styles.

 Image credit: Farmhouse Table Company Image credit: Farmhouse Table Company

3. Modern rustic’s sticking around

The concept of ‘modern rustic’ design first became popular in 1960s California. It has seen an ever increasing resurgence in popularity around the world since the dawn of the 21st century largely thanks to coffee-table design books such as the best selling Cabin Porn. 

The simplistic, pastoral feel of the modern rustic look is created by pairing modern elements of Scandinavian design with rugged materials. Think well crafted kitchen worktops made out of reclaimed timber, a modern sofa sat in front of salvaged log burner — you get the picture.

 Image credit: Rug'Society Image credit: Rug’Society

4. So many statement rugs

Rugs don’t have to be plain. An area rug is a wonderful way to make a bold statement, or act as a focal point in any room. Rugs have historically always had plenty of patterns and colour, so go for something traditional such as a Scandinavian Rollakan, a Moroccan Beni Ourain, or a bright and colourful Persian rug.

5. Get a global bedroom

The concept of the global bedroom is something that has seen a huge rise in popularity, perhaps once again thanks to Instagram and other photo networking sites.

The idea is to fill your bedroom with tasteful trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently visited South America, East Asia, or perhaps somewhere much closer to home. Try to pick up a few inexpensive items to adorn your bedroom with whenever you head off on your travels. You don’t have to be visiting the most far-flung and exotic locations on earth, nor do the items you pick need to be endlessly valuable or unique.

It could be a statue, a wall hanging or perhaps a photograph you took. The important thing is to strive to be authentic by filling the place you sleep in with mementos of the places you actually have visited, rather than just buying some fakes from a marketplace..

This summer

If these predications have wet your whistle for some bigger home improvements, now is a great time to consider more drastic changes you could also make to your home. The spring and summer period is always one of the best times to start work on your next project. Whether you want that giant kitchen with the island that you’ve been dreaming of for years, or if you would like to convert your loft to gain some much needed extra space, this is the perfect time to start thinking about your next big home improvement project.

Thinking of improving your home this summer?

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