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5 ways to embrace the totally tropical trend 

Tropical stylings have been a favourite of designers and fashionistas since the start of 2016. Since then the tropical style has permeated most areas of design. With the weather scheduled to be giving us our first proper taste of summer over the next week, we thought it would only be appropriate to talk about some of the best ways to embrace this totally tropical trend, so that you can fully prepare for the summer, and create rooms that give you the joy of a bright sunny day, even in the midst of winter.

 Credit: MiaFleur. Botanical Framed Prints (Set of 4). £308.  http://www.miafleur.com

1. Go for some nature inspired prints

One of the simplest and perhaps most subtle ways to give a room a tropical twist is to put some nature inspired artwork on the walls. The great thing about this is that as long as you go for some kind of work that features natural/tropical aspects you can pick an artwork in any type of style that takes your fancy, from black and white photography of plants or pen and ink drawings, all the way to pressed flowers and even taxidermy butterflies.

 Credit: Dar Lighting Group. Eglantine Porcelain Table Lamp Base. £81.60. www.darlighting.co.uk

2. Tasteful tat

Club Tropicana drinks are freeeee  Now, here’s a tricky one, the last decade to truly embrace tropical style was of course the 1980s, which is also a hot trend in itself this summer. Therefore going for a bit of retro along with the 80s look is a good idea. However, you want to get that level of kitschiness just right to give your an area a mild atmosphere of a Wham! music video, without going the whole hog and making it look like the flat from Only Fools and Horses with it’s infamous palm tree wallpaper.

Check out some charity shops or boutiques for original 80s lamps is a simple way to add some retro flair. If you can’t find any originals you like, have a look for some 80s inspired items.

 Credit Rebecca’s Aix Home. Flowery Summer Throws. £95.  http://rebeccasaixhome.com/collections/vintage-quilts

3. Throw some throws

Good quality sofas and arm chairs, can be sizeable investments, and while pricy a decent set will hopefully last you for good while. You therefore don’t want to purchase a new item of furniture to find that a few years down the line it looks dated. If you’re thinking of getting a new sofa, but are worried this will be the case with the tropical print options that have been popping up in showroomsand boutiques around the country, consider getting some tropically printed throws.

Throws have many merits, they protect furniture from wear and stains, can easily be thrown in the wash, double up as blankets when you want to snuggle down. But they also come in a wide variety of styles. Pick up a nature inspired one for a fraction of the price of a new sofa and drape it over. Job’s a good’un!

 Credit: MiaFleur. Artificial Forest Fern. £52.  http://www.miafleur.com/artificial-forest-fern

4. Actual or faux plants

It’s all very well and good to put some leafy prints on the walls, but if you want to really bring an air of the wild to a room go for some exotic plants. Ferns, spider plants and succulents are all good choices, not only do they check the exotic box they are hard wearing and easy to maintain houseplants. However, if you have a bit of a reputation as a plant murderer or just don’t want to risk it, there are a wide range of highly convincing faux plants available.

 Credit: Hutsly. Set of 2 Trinidad Rattan Chairs. £421.  www.hutsly.com

5. Go for some exotic woods

Last year’s trend of blending inside and outside space saw the return of materials such as bamboo, rattan and wicker being used for internal furniture once again, after a long hiatus of only being used for outdoor furniture.

Of course you could always just go for some good old fashioned teak or other exotic hardwood for a table or even kitchen worktop.

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