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5 ways to welcome summer into your home 

Well, Opunites we’re already over a third of our way through the year. Despite the fact those dark and freezing January commutes home seem like only yesterday. Happily however, June is on the horizon and even with the odd torrential downpour, pretty much everywhere in the country has had at least a taste of the better weather, which hopefully is an indicator of more sunshine to come.

Now that we are well and truly in the midst of spring, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways we can welcome the warm seasons into our home, so that we can truly get the most out of these long evenings, we’ve pondered on this and come up with a few ideas to help you get the most from the upcoming season…

 Image Credit: IQ Glass UK. Open Corner Sliding Glass Doors.  www.iqglassuk.com

Think about getting some fancy new sliding doors

Let’s start with what is probably the most impressive way to let the sun into your home, with a set of glorious new sliding, bi-folding, or otherwise opening patio doors. There’s no better way to merge inside and outside space. When the weather is fine you can simply fling open the doors to allow your kitchen, living room or conservatory to become a part of your garden.

Then when the weather sadly but predictably turns, you can close the doors to relax in the warmth as you watch the rain patter down against the panes of glass, in a very zen way. For a real show stopper check out these corner pocket doors.

 Image Credit : Loaf. Lazy Cotton Bed Linen. From £15 www.loaf.com

Fresh sheets

There are few greater, simple pleasures than settling down into some freshly laundered bed linen. And bed linen is probably at it’s finest after that first or second wash. This means that now is a great time to invest in some lighter, crisp new bedding for the summer. So that you’re all ready for those sweltering evenings and will wake up fresh faced and energised for those heady summer days. Rather than being stuck with those heavy winter duvets and quilts that will leave you uncomfortably hot, agitated and restless throughout the night.

 Image Credit:  http://sophieallport.com/ . Sophie Allport Bunny and Seed White China Jug. £14

Bring some flowers into the home

It might seem a tad old fashioned, but we think everyone should buy some flowers for their home every once in a while, especially in summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a couple living in a quaint little cottage or a young bachelor living in a hyper masculine penthouse, adding a bouquet of flowers brings an atmosphere of joy and energy to any room.

Some of the more striking flowers that blossom in the UK in May include Lily of the Nile, Tulips and Lupins.

Fit decking

If you want to create an alfresco dining room, BBQ spot, or simply a place to soak up the sun, but you want something that feels a bit more organic than a patio then some hardwood decking could be the answer.

Suitable for positioning either adjacent to your home or at the bottom of the garden, decking is quick to install and when correctly maintained will last an extraordinarily long time. Decking comes in a colossal variety of colours and styles so be sure to shop around until you find a type that really catches your fancy.

Go for a new colour scheme

A simple but effective way to inject a bit of excitement into any room is of course to give it a new lick of paint. If you want to be bang on trend then some of the coolest colours for interior walls at the moment include cobalt blues, emerald greens, and if you want to be really in vogue powdery pinks. Just be sure to check before you repaint any room that the colour isn’t going to clash with any existing fixtures and furnishings such as kitchen worktops and bathroom appliances

Get your home ready for summer with Opun

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