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6 can’t miss kitchen trends for summer 2018

The sun is out, the birds are singing and you’re stocking up the factor 50. It can only mean one thing: summer is nearly here! Some of the highlights of the season are always the delicious dinner parties and succulent summer barbecues that begin to fill your diary as soon as the sun emerges from behind the clouds. With all these family lunches, tea parties and cocktail nights coming along, it’s important that your kitchen is in tip-top shape for the coming months.

In the olden days (around the late 18th and early 19th century to be exact) affluent households would often use an entirely separate kitchen for the warmer months of the year. These ‘summer kitchens’ were stored in outbuildings and would keep the kitchen heat separate from the rest of the house – an absolute must in the days before air conditioning. Of course, to our modern sensibilities the concept of a distinct ‘summer kitchen’ seems opulent and wasteful, we’d much rather update our pre-existing spaces to fit in with the latest seasonal trends.

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be an absolute scorcher and there are some equally hot kitchen trends to match the soaring temperatures. From the latest in decorations, to colour scheme options and layout choices, here are the 6 kitchen trends you have to know about this summer.

   1. Colour me impressed

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to really make you feel like summer. Pastel shades are going to be particularly popular this season and who could forget about our favourite colour of 2018: lavender.

You have two real options in terms of the application of your chosen kitchen colour scheme. A more minimalist Scandinavian approach favours pops of bright colour scattered throughout your kitchen; this is a stylish and chic design style that will never go truly out of style. Alternatively, the more brave amongst us may be tempted to explore the world of maximalist kitchens which frequently highlight colour clashes throughout the space.

Our expert kitchen designer Ina Szilagyi recommends employing subtly different hues in distinct areas of your kitchen. Cooking and food prep areas could do with a lighter tint to better illuminate your process, whereas the seating area should be a tad darker to promote a more social atmosphere.

2. The future’s bright

According to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the key to hosting a successful summer dinner party is to keep things ‘simple, fresh and light’. The same could be said of kitchens! During the summer months all you need is the right kind of window to find your kitchen space flooded with magnificent natural light.

A bright and naturally lit kitchen appears larger and more welcoming than a dark space with the exact same dimensions. The best thing about this trend is that it requires very few changes to pull off. Just draw back those curtains and let the natural beauty of the sun go to work! You’ll have a bright and beautiful naturalistic kitchen in no time at all.

Embracing natural light in your kitchen does more than just keep your space on trend, it also has a number of extensive health benefits. Natural light is vital for your body’s storage of Vitamin D which plays a key role in absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth; so it’s fair to say that this latest trend will really have you and your kitchen moving from strength to strength! Recent psychological studies indicate that a greater exposure to natural light leads to greater productivity and less bad moods. Of course, these good moods could be a by-product of all the money you’re saving on your energy bills by reducing the amount of synthetic light in your kitchen.

3. I can’t believe it’s not clutter!

The extensive Houzz 2018 kitchen survey revealed that clutter is our biggest kitchen pet peeve with over 75% of respondents indicating it was the main thing they wish they could change about their kitchen. Luckily for these fed up homeowners, the clutter free look is right on trend for summer 2018.

Intelligent contemporary kitchen design means that no kitchen element has to be especially ungainly or take up too much of your space. Our design team are able to make sure every aspect of your kitchen fits perfectly within the given dimensions. One of the most fashionable decluttering solutions for summer 2018 are floating shelves as seen in our customer’s new kitchen area (above).

Floating shelves allow you to clear up space on your countertop whilst adding an additional stunning element to your kitchen. A gorgeous contemporary trend that is truly sleek, sexy and sophisticated.

4. Islands of adventure

Islands will continue to dominate kitchen layouts throughout summer 2018. In fact, we predict that many larger kitchens may now incorporate two distinct kitchen islands as part of their design. Many of these islands will utilise breakfast bar seating to encourage family bonding and long leisurely conversations across the kitchen space – the ideal atmosphere for a lazy summer evening.

Kitchen islands are a particular wise investment for a family with young children. Their central location in the kitchen means that kids have plenty of space to run around in without getting into any unfortunate accidents. If you choose to accompany a kitchen island with a seating area as well, then the space can evolve into a fantastic work station for kids to finish off their homework.

Beginning this season, we predict the role of the kitchen island will begin to subtly change. Traditionally a kitchen island is used primarily for eating or as a storage space. Over the coming months you are going to see more and more islands featuring basins, small appliances or even a hob to encourage using them for food preparation as well. These additions make the island a more versatile feature of the kitchen, which in turn should make the entire food preparation journey a more social activity.

5. A taste of Morocco

There’s nothing we love more than a bit of lovely Mediterranean spice on our summer meals, so why not similarly spice up your kitchen with some striking Moroccan tiles? Pair these attention grabbing tiles with some understated features, such as a white colour scheme, to add some Mediterranean zest to traditional British design.

Chandni Kavaiya, one of our expert kitchen designers, believes that these patterned tiles have seen more of an increase in interest this year than any other design element. That means you can expect to be seeing a lot of patterned floors and walls in your friends’ new kitchens come June. One of Chandni’s personal favourite design tricks is to contrast one wall of Moroccan tiles with a wall of metro tiles to create a unique and memorable aesthetic.

We are predicting Moroccan tiles to be particularly popular when it comes to flooring this summer. This is because they are a sure fire way to help a traditionally bland kitchen element really ‘pop’. Rugs and carpets, which may be used in other rooms around the home, are simply impractical for kitchen use. So, Moroccan tiles are really the way to go if you want to see some durable patterns on your kitchen floor.

6. Flower power

Every summer London plays host to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the biggest collection of horticultural exhibits in the world. Perhaps it’s only fitting then, that one of this year’s must have kitchen trends is houseplants and foliage.  A simple succulent can add a touch of class to your coffee table or mantelpiece. More ambitious kitchen lovers may choose to deck out their space with lush green hanging plants to create a pastoral utopia within their kitchen space.

We are especially big fans of English Ivy, the de-toxifying hanging plant adds a wonderful splash of colour to any kitchen space. Available in black, yellow and green variants, this is one fairly low-maintenance plant that always makes a big impression. We’d advise staying clear of English Ivy if you have any pets, however, as many animals, including dogs and cats, are allergic to the plant.

Of course, a plant is a living thing that requires a reasonable amount of care to keep alive and looking healthy. The more forgetful amongst us may want to opt for something that needs less upkeep such as a cactus or even a synthetic alternative. Whatever plant or flower you choose to opt for, adding a wave of natural greenery to your kitchen is sure to help your space stand out from the crowd.

Cool for the summer

We love all these latest kitchens trends but we are also aware that it’s very easy to get carried away on a hotbed of hype and lose sight of your actual aesthetic preferences. When designing a kitchen it’s important to remember what is best for you, rather than what is trending in one particular season. If you see anything you like on this list we encourage you to go ahead and implement it in your own space. Just make sure to speak to an expert before overhauling your entire kitchen.

Thinking About Giving Your Kitchen A Summer Refresh?

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