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6 must have bathroom trends for summer 2018

The world of cutting edge interior design is one of constant upheaval with colour schemes, appliances and aesthetic features going from stylish necessities to outdated heritage pieces often in a shockingly short period of time. Continuing our series looking at the hottest trends for summer 2018, we’d like to direct your attention to the visual flourishes and design elements we think will stand the test of time when it comes to contemporary bathroom design.

The humble bathroom is a key component of any home; it’s the place we go to relax, refresh and rejuvenate after a long and stressful day. Be it a bright family suite, expansive master bathroom or compact en suite, bathrooms often represent a safe haven to begin and end each day in relative peace. As a pivotal area for self-care it’s important that you feel comfortable and happy in your own bathroom space. After all, there’s nothing like an outdated and unloved mirror to distract us from our daily beauty routine. Giving your bathroom a seasonal refresh, however, can do wonders for the space and your own well being.

Summer 2018’s bathroom trends are sure to brighten up your space and possibly brighten up your day as well. With so many colours, features and accessories on offer it can be difficult to know where to even begin. Here are the 6 trends we think you really need to know about for this season’s bathrooms.

1. True colours

If there’s one thing summer can be relied on to bring each year it’s a splash of colour to everyday life. From the effulgent rays of the summer sun to the bright pink of blooming flowers there’s no doubt that summer is the most colourful season of them all. This year, you will start to see a lot of homeowners start to bring the colours of summer into their own bathroom.

If you are of a certain age, the idea of experimenting with colours in the bathroom may be causing you to shiver with a deep and dark dread. Fear not! We are not referring to the off putting avocado hues often seen on 1970s bathtubs. Instead a number of bright and bold colour schemes are starting to really make waves in bathroom design.

An adventurous colour scheme can add a sense of drama and luxury to any bathroom and really take the space to new heights. For summer 2018 you can expect to see an explosion of bright reds and blues in the most fashionable of bathrooms. As can be seen in our customer’s new walk-in shower (above) combining dazzling bright red tiles with white grout always creates a swanky and memorable aesthetic. Alternatively, if you want to create a space that just oozes classy sophistication, we’d recommend exploring deep blue hues such as turquoise or indigo. Reminiscent of the deep sea, these colour choices are sure to make a splash this summer!

2. Monochrome home

Luckily, if you are not such a fan of bright colours, there is a more traditional colour combination that is expected to see a surge in popularity this summer. Monochrome, the combination of black and white features, has never really gone away and can always be relied upon to create a striking visual look for a bathroom of any size.

Debra Taylor, the leader of Opun’s bathroom experts, is a particularly big fan of the monochrome style. Debra believes that a crucial reason for this season’s monochrome revival is the timeless simplicity of the look, she adds: ‘It’s clean, simple and it retains its style year on year’. Due to this you can be sure your new black and white bathroom will not just be trendy in 2018 but 2028 as well.

Of course, there are several ways to utilise the black/white colour scheme in your bathroom. You can opt for a combination of black and white tiles adorning the walls and floor of your space. A subtler option is to have entirely black walls and floors with entirely white features such as the bathtub and vanity unit. With so many potential options and variations, the monochrome aesthetic is one that will never entirely go out of style.

3. Welcome to the jungle

Jungle style bathrooms are going to be massively popular over the summer months. These combine white and green hues to create a fresh and naturalistic look that really stands out from the crowd. Inspired by the resplendent beauty of summer woodlands and greenery, this is a unique aesthetic that is perfect for the new season.

Even a small house plant can add some pizazz to a bathroom when lovingly placed on a vanity unit. The more ambitious amongst us may choose to go for a larger tropical plant, such as a Bird of Paradise or Philodendron Scandens. These are sure to take the breath away and can add a real ‘wow’ factor to the entire bathroom.

Plants and greenery can have enormous beneficial effects on your mental and physical wellbeing. Research by NASA has found that the common house plant improves air quality as well as increasing productivity and concentration. So, you’re new bathroom plants will definitely be taking care of you, but it’s important to remember you need to take care of them as well. A plant is a living thing that requires a reasonable amount of care to keep alive and looking healthy. The more forgetful amongst us may be better off going for something that needs a little less upkeep such as a cactus or even a synthetic alternative.

4. Storage wars

These wall niches fit perfectly with one of summer 2018’s hottest bathroom trends: intelligent storage solutions. It’s all very well and good having a visually stunning bathroom, but if you don’t have anywhere to store your toiletries and appliances then you may have well as created an art installation rather than a practical room in your house. Luckily, the intelligent storage trend means you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic beauty in the name of practical use.

Opun’s expert bathroom designer Anat Elkarat believes that storage is often overlooked in the bathroom design process and hopes that this trend will bring it to the forefront of people’s minds. She comments: ‘I’m very excited about this new trend, hopefully it will ensure that a new bathroom is the perfect combination of beautiful and useful; that’s the sweet spot I always try to hit with all my designs.’

Wall niches are one intelligent storage solution but there are plenty of options to choose from. Another popular option is ultra-modern narrow fit furniture – these sleek installations create the illusion of spaciousness even if the bathroom doesn’t offer all that much in terms of square footage. Meanwhile wall hung units create a feeling of openness in the bathroom space, guaranteeing a light and airy feel throughout the room.

5. Time Travel

From Victorian to Art Deco the trend for retro bathrooms isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The trendiest bathrooms built this summer will have you feeling like you’ve just stepped off the TARDIS straight into another era of interior design entirely. Some looks are utterly timeless and there’s never been a better time to revisit some old classics.

The Art Deco bathroom style is a personal favourite of Opun bathroom designer Chandni Kavaiya. She refers to the look as ‘retro metro’ thanks to the abundance of metro tiles found in this style of bathroom. A well designed Art Deco bathroom imbues a space with a real sense of old school Hollywood glamour. All those who enter the space leave with stars in their eyes.

Another classic look is a period style or heritage bathroom. Surprisingly this ornate look fits in equally well in new-build contemporary homes as it does in Victorian properties. You may think that this look requires one of those stunning freestanding roll-top baths to truly pop. If you don’t have the space to fit a large bathtub, however, the heritage look can also be achieved by complementing a simple shower unit with ceramic and handled brassware.

6. Mosaic Madness

Mosaic tiles are enjoying a real renaissance at the moment and we expect their popularity to continue to soar throughout the summer months. Using mosaic tiling in a bathroom space creates a regal impression that any Roman emperor would be proud of. These versatile tiles can add some sparkle to even the most traditional of bathroom spaces.

A key benefit of mosaic tiles is how well they work in conjunction with other popular trends, both from this summer and into the future as well. If you are a big fan of the monochrome trend you can install black and white mosaic tiles to kill two trendy birds with one stone. Mosaic floor tiles are especially striking when used in a monochrome pattern, and we predict these to be one of the most sought after bathroom features this summer.

Alternatively, if you prefer a bright bathroom, mosaic tiles can also be used to take ice cream and pastel colour schemes to the next level. Using mosaic tiling to create a tone on tone effect keeps the luxurious one colour feel whilst contributing towards a more dynamic multi-material finish. Pairing some colourful plasterwork with the same colour mosaic tiles is an effective and easy way to create this impression.

Think long term

Trends come and go but a bathroom can last for decades. The most important thing to bear in mind when creating a new bathroom space is your own personal taste. Every season brings new trends but only some will be right for you; don’t get carried away by the hype and make sure to only choose a certain style if you truly love it. By combining the latest trends with your own personal taste we guarantee you will create a simply stunning space.

Thinking of Giving Your Bathroom A Summer Refresh?

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