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Welcome some autumnal cheer into your home

Well, last Thursday officially marked the start of British Autumn and whether you’re the type who goes all gooey at the thought foliage changing colour and fantasises over wooly jumpers and fireside pints in country pubs. Or you’re more the type who would sooner hibernate through whole thing until Spring, it may be time to start considering how you can welcome a bit of the new season into your home.

While Autumn ushers in a host of vibrant reds, oranges and browns, it also brings with it shorter days, longer nights and the kind weather which can leave us all feeling a bit dreary. But, here are a few simple ways you can bring some autumnal cheer into your home to give you a boost on those doleful, overcast days. You may also want to check out our recent post about getting your entrance hallway set for the cold weather! 

1. Get the fireplace ready

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of reinstating a fireplace in the living room, and while doing so has been found to boost a property’s market value by a fair bit, there are far more tempting reasons to do so than that — what could be better as these colder months set in than cosying down by the hearth with a good book and a nice cuppa, or a glass of wine? Just imagine observing the gentle flicker of the fire casting calming shadows out across the living room accompanied by that homely crackling sound.

Unless you live in a new-build property, it is likely that your home already has several fireplaces, although there’s every chance they were covered up in the 1970’s. And reinstating them could be as simple as ripping out some plaster and plywood to uncover a forgotten treasure.

Remember, no matter whether you are reinstating a previously unused fireplace or you’re just getting ready to fire an existing one up for the first time since the Spring, it is vital that you first have it properly and professionally inspected and swept, to ensure it’s safe to use.

2. Add some autumnal colours

With all of those velvety autumnal colours adorned by the trees lately; from vibrant golds and burnt oranges to earthy greens and browns, there is a wide colour palette associated with the season. All of which can make fantastic colour schemes for the home.

Colours like reds, golds, yellows and oranges work well in most rooms apart from the bedroom, where some find these hues a little overstimulating causing difficulty in getting to sleep. You may therefore want to go for a rich praline or Autumn green in such rooms.

3. Throw down some rugs

throwing down a rug or two has miraculous effect on a room, it can make small spaces feel larger and make big spaces seem more intimate. They’re great for dividing up a room, or drawing focus to a particular area, and best of all for the forthcoming weather, they’re warming! Both figuratively and literally. A rug or mat’s insulating affect will make any room a little more temperate when the temperature drops.

4. Hygge up

Pronounced like ‘hoo-gaa’ it’s a Danish concept with no real direct translation into English, described best as that; cosy, warm and calm feeling you get from sitting up inside on a bad weather day listening to the rain beat against the window panes.

We’ve mentioned hygge several times on the blog, but it has grown to become one of the latest buzzwords of design and is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. There are now entire books dedicated to adding more hygge to the home, but some simple ways to do so include stocking up on your candles, scented diffusers and of course plenty of blankets and throws.

5. Insulate…everything!

Before the weather get’s too cold, now is the perfect time to increase your home’s insulation. If you do it now you’ll be truly thankful you did before the temperature really drops in a couple of months. Double glazing, roof and wall insulation, and ensuring you’re home’s external rendering is up to scratch are all things that can keep the heat inside when you need it most. Spend some time identifying the sources of any unpleasant draughts and look into how they could be fixed, this won’t just make your home warmer it will save you money from your heating bill as well, not to mention do a little bit to make your home a little more eco-friendly.

6. Get some seasonal cookware

If you were asked to describe typical summer food in the UK you’re mind will most likely be immediately be drawn to those hot days spent in the garden eating things like salads, gazpacho soup and barbecued meats. But with the advent of Autumn, our palettes start to crave heartier fare; cottage pies, chilli con carnes and curries and not forgetting those obligatory Sunday roasts.

Making now a good time to stock up on suitable cookware, think earthenware roasting trays, heavy copper-bottomed pans — and just maybe it’s finally time to treat yourself to that Le Creuset casserole dish, you’ve coveted since the day you first learnt a recipe that didn’t involve a microwave.

Not only are these objects great for preparing the types of food you’re going to be craving after your rain-sodden commute home, their inherent beauty will add to the decor and ambiance of your kitchen, so make sure you keep them out on display, rather than hidden away in cupboard!

Get your home ready for Autumn with Opun

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