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Add some grandeur to your dining room

It’s a well known fact that the amount of time we Brits spend eating at the dining room table has been in sharp decline for a number of years now. No matter whether you have a distinct dining room in your home, or you have a formal ‘dining area’ within an open-plan space. The chances are that the amount of time you spend eating their each week pales in comparison to the amount of time you spend eating in an informal location such as at the kitchen island or breakfast nook. In fact 78% of Brits admit to eating their dinner from the sofa as much as 5 times a week.

In fact statistically we spend more time each week doing homework or administration at the dinner table than we do actually dining. But, here at Opun we don’t think that means that you’re dining room should be a space that’s left neglected! Quite the contrary actually, the fact that many of us only entertain at the dinning room on those special occasions — for seasonal holidays, birthdays and Sunday roasts. Makes it extra important that you make the space as special as you can, it should be a grand space for when you want to go all out when entertaining. With this is mind here are our tips for adding some grandeur to the dinning room.

Look up

When it comes to the dining room, over head lighting and even the actual ceiling can both be important features. having good lighting above the table is vital, after all you want to show off that salt-baked sea bass you just spent an hour slaving over! Pendant lights have historically always been firm favourites for the dining room and there’s a wide variety available to suit all tastes. For a more contemporary, hip style you could go for a series of retro looking industrial-styled hanging lamps made from a rich metallic material such as copper or brass running the length of the table.

Feature ceilings work wonderfully in the dining room, we’re not suggesting you should try and turn your home into the Sistine Chapel, but painting the ceiling a velvety dark colour adds depth to the room and can make a dining room seem both more intimate and spacious. Even wallpaper works brilliantly to create an unusual focal point.

Look down

Placing a rug beneath the dining table is a staple of design which has worked since, well forever. However, one of the more modern advantages of doing so is that as more of us have moved towards open-plan living, rugs work marvellously as segmenting up the space. It’s a simple way to what could merely be seen as “just a table and some chairs” in an open-plan space to the ‘dining area’.

For obvious reasons, particularly if you have younger or just clumsy members of the household you may want to choose a darker hued rug, or opt for one that is made from an easily cleanable material.

Choose the right table

Dining room tables come in rectangular, oval, round and even square varieties. Each of which all have their own merits but perhaps the principal deciding factor for which is best for your home is the actual shape of your dinning room. Before purchasing a new table then, it may be helpful to take some measurements of the rooms dimensions so you can work out exactly how the table will fit into the room.

Rectangular and to a lesser extent oval tables are the most versatile options. Extendable varieties permit you to adapt the table size to the number of guests you’re entertaining. However, as will always been the trouble with rectangular and oval tables their shape means conversation is often limited to the people directly in front of you and to your left and right. Round tables are a great way to allow conversation to flow equally between guests, and are perfect for those who love serving dishes that are based around sharing such as tapas and meze. On the other hand the informal environment produced by a round table may be the opposite effect you desire Square tables are chic and contemporary and allow for guests to make easy eye contact with much of the table, unfortunately square tables do take up a huge amount of space, which is somewhat under-utilised for dining and can also give your dinner party the air of being the weekly regional sales meeting.

Go for comfort

While the Victorian values that still influence certain aspects of home design may dictate that dining chairs should be stiff, unyielding and staunchly upright. Thankfully the view among most designers today is that it’s okay to permit diners to be comfortable while they enjoy their meal.

Remember rather than going for a table and chairs set, it may be more to your taste to mix and match. there’s a huge range of styles of dining room chairs available so take your time to find the ones that suit you just right.

Transform your dining room with Opun!

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