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Amazing space saving items to keep your kitchen clutter free 

There’s nothing quite like that first few months of a new kitchen, playing about with all of your fancy new appliances, showing off the new island to friends and family and looking out to that glistening clear counter space, knowing that everything has a place.

Of course, particularly if you’re an avid chef. It doesn’t always stay like this. Over time we start accumulating a never ending stream of new herbs and spices, appliances and other items that all begin to clutter our worktops until before you know it. You’re struggling to clear enough space to hastily slice some bread before you shoot off to work.

Don’t feel like you have to chuck out half of your precious utensils, pans and other kitchen items just to make space to use your kitchen, check out these awesome space savers to help you keep your kitchen clutter free.

 Available from Amazon.

Stick-on cupboard spice rack.

While it’s nice to know that you have a practical Aladdin’s cave of flavour enhancers to cook up an absolute storm, sometimes a bit of order is er…in order. Let’s face it, a lot of these items you only use once in a blue moon, and while they don’t deserve chucking out, they also don’t quite deserve a place next to the dried basil or rock salt on your main spice rack.

Enter these super cheap and super convenient adhesive spice clips. Designed to stick on to the inside of your cupboard doors, they are the perfect solution to prevent those Tahitian vanilla pods cluttering up the kitchen work top, while still keeping them right to hand for those occasions when you absolutely have to have them ‘RIGHT NOW!’.

 Available from Thermomix .


Okay, so for those not in the know. The Thermomix, is an appliance in the secret arsenal of pro-chefs. With rumours that Heston Blumenthal has a whopping nine of them in his kitchen at The Fat Duck and Gizi Erskine listing it as her absolute favourite kitchen gadget.

What does it do? Quite simply put, everything — it can weigh, chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, cook, stir and has a steamer on top. It even cleans itself!

In an article the author claims they made a delicious pea soup in just three minutes, three minutes! That’s longer than it takes us in the office to make a cup of tea!

So, the Thermomix can do the job of most kitchen appliances, and in many cases does it better too. So why don’t we all have one? Well, here’s the thing and there’s no way to sugar coat it, it costs an incredulous £964. You also can’t just go out and buy one. You need to contact the company to have an expert come to your house, and give you an induction to decide if it’s right for you.

This is not something to be taken on lightly, but for the right person it could save a huge amount of counter space, allowing you to throw just about every other gizmo you have out.

 Available from Aga Cookshop

Overhanging pan rack

Let’s face it all those frying pans, woks and casserole dishes take up a lot of space in your cupboards. You also have to contend with the issue of stacking them, the one you want will always be the one at the bottom of the stack, and getting it out will usually result in an Indiana Jones style avalanche of kitchen way come crashing down upon you. This is what makes over-head hanging pan racks such a great investment. They allow you to organise your pans and keep them in plain view, you just need to reach up and grab the one you’re after from its hook.

They come in a wide variety of styles to suit traditional and contemporary kitchens. Just be sure you keep everything securely hung. You don’t want some of your prized Le Creuset set coming crashing down on someone’s head or your new ceramic tiling.

 Available from maisonsdumonde.com

Ladder shelf

Okay, so this whole ladder shelf thing won’t work in every kitchen. But, in a rustic or shabby chic kitchen they make great corner space fillers. The really great thing about them is that you can put basically anything on them and it looks vaguely stylish and tidy, and allows you to store multiple different items. On a couple of rungs you could stick some potted herbs. while on the others you could put a couple of saucepans or stack some recipe books.

 Available from binopolis.com

Recycling store

Those green and black recycling boxes can take up a lot of floor space in the kitchen. What’s more, being left out on the street over night filled with rubbish, means they can feel and look a little unhygienic. But, using an organiser like the one above mean you can keep the boxes outside while still maintaining a space to organise all of your recycling as and when you discard it.

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