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Our 12 favourite home transformations of 2017

With 2017 drawing to a close, we thought we’d look back on some of our favourite home improvement projects of the last 12 months.

1. From tired junk storage to heart of the home

Even the most unloved space can become a wonderfully warm and welcoming kitchen. Always play to the strengths of the original features. Here, instead of plastering over painted brick we stripped the paint off to reveal a beautiful brickwork backdrop.

2. Neglected wash station becomes a tranquil oasis

How do you transform a tired and cluttered bathroom into a beautifully relaxing retreat? Easy. Just add pristinely-tiled walls,  a mirrored cabinet, a contrasting warm floor, under sink storage and sleek sleek modern fittings.

3. Drafty junk-filled garage become luxurious family room

The RAC reports that around half of garages in the UK go unused. This makes them great candidates for conversion into fantastic kitchens, offices or, as in this project, sitting rooms.

4. From downstairs storage to the perfect bathroom hideaway

Clean white, accented with dark tiling to show off those marvelous Victorian style floor tiles. Just perfect – even if we do say so ourselves.

5. One day a very ordinary bathroom, the next a spa-grade retreat with a wet room feel

In small bathrooms like this, sometimes it just takes a little rejig, such as moving (and upgrading) the bath, to make the whole room look and feel much more spacious.

6. Why settle for ‘your Nan’s bathroom’ when a few changes bring it 40 years into the future?

Engineered wood is robust, and a great, modern-looking choice for bathrooms. Also, if you can fit a bath… we say add a bath like we did here!

7. Like the new tiles you’ve chosen? Don’t be afraid to use them everywhere

Matching, over-sized tiles flowing from floor-to-wall created the illusion of space and a luxurious feel to this bathroom project.

8. Keeping it simple and focussing on the details

A wonderfully contemporary kitchen with matching units and walls adding to the minimalist feel and really showing off the beautiful worktops and floor.

9. A simple change in materials instantly made this home more welcoming

What a difference these beautiful sold wood replacement windows and doors made to this project. Especially next to the lovely new fascia.

10. If you’re going to extend you might as well think BIG!

This glorious two-storey extension added dramatic space and light to a modern home.

11. Blending in with your surroundings

We used natural wood to blend into the surrounding outside and added windows to create additional light inside.

12. Going modern, while still retaining all the character

From draughty cottage to modern farmhouse of your dreams.

Give your home a New Year’s makeover

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