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Cosy up for autumn 2017 with seriously hygge homeware

Well, folks that’s all. As we move into September and the wet and windy weatherputs to rest any hopes of an Indian Summer, it is perhaps time to accept that autumn has arrived and do our best to embrace the chilly weather and dark evenings, by making our homes as cosy as welcoming as we can.

Of course the kings of this are the Scandinavians — wth their concept of hygge that has become one of the most ubiquitous concepts to arise within interior design in recent years. We won’t bore you eulogising its merits, because unless you’ve lived under a rock (actually pretty hygge down there?) since 2014 you’ll have had quite enough of that, just check out these wonderful homely items to fill your house with warmth.

Bring back beanbags

 Image credit: www.beanbagbazaar.co.uk

Cosy and far more informal than sitting up on a sofa. Sleek minimal beanbags like these are the perfect living room addition to create an intimate nook where you can snuggle down on those chilly evenings.

Serve snacks in style

 Image credit: ALSO Home Ltd

Natural materials, especially wood, add warmth and character to all rooms of the home. Casually position a wooden serving platter, like this gorgeous mango wood option, on a coffee table or kitchen island to serve bread and other snacks for friends and family.

Pop the kettle on

 Image credit: Etsy

Whether it’s a scorching cup of coffee before you set off to brave the elements in the morning, or a rejuvenating tea to warm your bones when you get home after a long day. There’s nothing that quite says ‘home’ like a hot-mug-of-something. And stoneware will always be a perennial favourite of ours. We love these examples inspired by the sea on stormy days.

Something to wrap around

 Image credit: MiaFleur

As the temperature drops outside, you’ll want to know that you’ve got a comfy throw/blanket to drape over yourself to keep warm. We love this mustard throw that would look great placed on a sofa, or bed.

Look after your literature

 Image credit: The French Bedroom Company

Nestling down with a good book is one of life’s simple pleasures. and reading is particularly comforting in the inclement weather, after all bookshops tend to be one of those places we find ourselves most commonly running into for 20 minutes to hide from the random outbursts of rain that are so common at this time of year. Be sure you’ve got a place to keep all of your literature with a beautiful set of bookends, which compliment any room.

For when it’s too cold for white

 Image credit: Garden Trading

With summer fading, it’s time to swap that bottle of crisp pinot grigio in the fridge for a mellow red. And a good collection of red wine needs an attractive storage solution to keep them at room temperature, if you don’t already have a wine rack now could be the perfect time to invest.

Perfect pots

 Image credit: MiaFleur

We think every home needs a good amount of houseplants to keep the air fresh, and add touches of colour and intrigue to those little areas of rooms that would otherwise be bare. Copper has been a favourite material among interior designers for the last few seasons, due to the effect it has of adding charming warmth.

Block it all out

 Image credit: English Blinds

Sometimes, after a particularly bad day you just want to shut out the outside world completely and just relax, and forget about it all in the comfort of your home. And that’s exactly what a good set of thick curtains/blinds will do.

Light up

 Image credit: Marquis & Dawe

Wet leaves, earth, apples there’s something wonderful about all the smells in the air during the autumn, which you can replicate in your own home with a simple scented candle. If you’re willing to pay a little extra give a wooden wicked candlea try, they burn a little slower and also create a gentle campfire crackling sound, that adds to the atmosphere.

Put another log on

 Image credit: Ludlow Stoves Ltd

If you really want to make the most of your home as the cold sets in, then there are few better ways to do so than by installing a real log burning fire. Efficient and clean, they come in a variety of both contemporary and traditional styles, and best of all many are approved for use in smoke free zones.

Keep your oak safe

 Image credit: Garden Trading.

Nordic design loves natural materials, but over here we tend to forget that ‘natural’ doesn’t exclusively mean ‘wood’. Incorporate some stone if you can, these slate coasters will protect your precious coffee table from all of those scorching mugs of tea and dreaded red wine spills.

For the sophisticated…

 Image Credit: The Design Hunter Pty Ltd

If a beanbag reminds you perhaps too much of your teenage years. Then try a plush lounge ottoman seat such as this. It offers all the benefits of the cosy low-profile of a beanbag while seeming a little more mature.

A little something for yourself…

 Image credit:  Buckley & Phillips Aromatics

Finally, buy a little something to look after yourself! We all know that the cold weather wreaks havoc on our skin, and our hands our often the first victim. Don’t forget to buy some nourishing hand cream for the bathroom to keep your family and guests hands in top-top condition.

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