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Five reasons your next home improvement should be a garage conversion 

No matter whether it’s attached or detached the chances are your garage is not one of your favourite parts of your home. In fact, statistically there’s a 90% chance you don’t even keep your car in it.

Unless you live in an area such as central London where parking is of an absolute premium, it’s more than likely that your is garage is a dim, damp, be-cobwebbed location. A graveyard of empty cardboard boxes and broken garden toys. A place only ventured into to access a seldom used chest freezer containing fish fingers you’ve had longer than your eldest child.

If this sounds like your garage, then it may well be worth converting it into truly useful space. Garage conversions are a marvellous way to gain new living space, without compromising existing garden area. Here’s five reasons why you should think about converting yours.

They look fantastic

On many homes the garage is an ugly grey box attached to the side of the property, that does nothing to add to its external beauty. In fact, more often than not they actually detract from the property’s aesthetics.

However, whatever you intend to use your new converted garage space for, during the renovation you have a great opportunity to transform its external facade into something truly beautiful by adding windows, sliding doors and new rendering.

It could double the size of your kitchen

One of the most popular reasons for carrying out a garage conversion is to boost the floor size of the kitchen.

Knocking through from the kitchen into the garage allows you to create a huge open plan expanse perfect for turning into a contemporary kitchen dinner. Remember however, that for building regulations sign off, the space that was previously the garage will need to conform to more stringent moisture proofing and insulation criteria.

White kitchen with an island

It could be the ultimate games room

While garage conversions make wonderful kitchens, offices and all those other types of serious rooms. For the big kids out there why not go for an amazing home cinema, games room or den?

Garages are great candidates for these kinds of home improvements, as they are often only attached to home by one wall, if at all. So, they are easy to soundproof during renovation – perfect for these noisier uses.

You could finally get that home gym

If lying about in front of a giant cinema screen is not your forte (or you just wish it wasn’t) then, your disused garage could be your new gym.

With business, family and social commitments, finding a few hours midweek to head to the gym is no mean feat. Long queues to use apparatus, wiping other peoples sweat off of machinery and hefty monthly subscription fees are all things you could say goodbye to.

Garages make particularly good home gyms, their floors were designed with the intent of supporting entire motor vehicles, so you don’t need to worry about stacking it with weights and heavy gym apparatus.

Why not be truly decadent and include a private sauna or steam room to really pamper yourself?

It could let you get the most from your garden

If all of these ideas don’t speak to you, and you’re really more of the outdoorsy type anyway. Then, why not consider forging your old garage with the garden, to create a space like the one featured above that blends the outdoors with the in.

By installing large sliding patio doors, you could create a garden room that lets you enjoy your verdant vista all year. With the doors open you create a sense of flow between your garden and the sheltered portion, a sort of shaded patio. Then when inclement weather strikes merely close the doors to create a cosy oasis, where you can cuddle up and watch television while still feeling very much a part of your garden.

Transform your garage with Opun

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