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Give your bathroom a home spa feeling

After a long, hard week, we could all probably do with a spa day to rejuvenate our spirits and soothe our aching muscles. But of course, finding a spa and either booking time off work or getting someone to look after the kids can be so stressful in itself, that most of us would need another spa day to get over it!

But what if you could transform your home bathroom into a mini spa? Adding a tranquil, calming space to your home allows you to recharge your batteries and is available whenever you want it for any length of time.

So just how can you go about transforming your bathroom into a home spa? Here are our suggestions…

Towels and robes

If we asked you to think about what objects you associate with a spa, we’d bet that most people would instantly think of those plush, cloud-like towels and those quaint little robes they give you to protect your modesty.

Luxury often comes from doing a simple thing really well. Towels and robes made out of nasty, itchy materials could easily pop your bubble of Zen-like relaxation. For your home spa, you don’t have to spend like crazy to go high end. Shop around, touch and feel the available goods and then maybe look up the items you want online for a low, low price. Opt for a heavyweight Egyptian cotton and you can’t really go wrong.

Natural materials

Although most modern inner-city hotel spas are miles away from any natural source of water, the true meaning of a ‘spa’ is a location where mineral-rich spring water bubbling out the ground is used for medicinal bathing purposes.

Modern spas tend to pay homage to this origin by incorporating natural materials into their construction. These are innately beautiful and calming, so if you’re planning a bathroom renovation and really want to make an impact look into marble, granite and slate for flooring, tiles and even basins or baths.

For things like bath mats, tooth brush holders and even toilet brushes, go for the organic beauty of wood. This doesn’t just create a serene feel, it’s also long-lasting and better for the environment.

Neutral palette

From natural to neutral, when it comes to colour schemes, go for something soothing – blacks, whites, greys, browns, beiges and blues. Choose anything that utilises an easy-going and understated palette of neutral colours. These neutral palettes are used in spas because they have been proven to psychologically help you de-stress.

Sumptuous seating

If you have the space to add seating to your home spa bathroom without overcrowding it, go ahead. From a traditional chaise lounge to a minimalist white armchair in a corner, a comfy chair makes a wonderful spot to relax while you wait for your bath to fill up.

Similarly, as long as it’s not the only loo in the house, creating a little bathroom reading corner can also be a nice idea. This can give you a little place to lock yourself away and grab some much-needed me-time.

 Credit: Beaumonde Credit: Beaumonde


Even if you think that aromatherapy is a load of voodoo nonsense, there’s no denying that some smells are simply lovely. Don’t bother with those overpriced, battery-powered air fresheners they sell in the supermarkets though – they’re full of chemicals and will just give you a headache.

Instead, light a joss stick, scented candle or oil diffuser for a much more pleasant and genuinely enjoyably natural scent. You won’t like every aroma so it’s worth trying a few out. That said, sandalwood and patchouli are always popular choices.

A good bath or shower

Finally, if you can, invest in a good shower, bathtub or, ideally, both. Nobody likes a weak, dribbly shower, or one that gives you two temperature options — scolding hot, or icy cold. And how are you supposed to enjoy a long soak in the tub if it’s too short for you and gives you leg cramps after the first five minutes? Invest in a decent power shower, or a bath that’s big enough to comfortably accommodate the tallest member of your family.

The height of home luxury

Whether your budget is big or small, giving your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere is easy. It means that every time you’re heading home from work in the rain and thinking, “I need a spa day,” you’ll be able to perk yourself up with the thought that once the kids are in bed, you can have it. After that, the long commute won’t feel half as bad.

Is Your Bathroom In Need of a Makeover?

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