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Halloween Decoration Inspiration

October, as a month, is not particularly memorable. While September signals the start of autumn, and November means that Christmas is just around the corner, all that happens in October is the weather changing from bad to awful and it suddenly turning dark before you finish work.

That of course, is with the exception of Halloween, the all-too-easy-to-ignore date of the year that often goes uncelebrated on years where it falls upon a weeknight (like this one). However, in a month that is characterised by long dark evenings of rain, we think it is a shame to ignore a great reason to celebrate.

If you want to get in the Halloween mindset and decorate your home with some spooky cheer, or just let other families know that you’re receiving trick-or-treaters, here’s three super easy Halloween decorations that we think you could absolutely nail in a couple of hours with the kids.

Black Bat
Credit: Megumi SasakiCC 

1.Paper Bats

Let’s start with a classic that is easy to over look in the scramble to spook-up your home. Paper bats are cheap, easy and quick to make. All you need is some black paper, string, sellotape and you’re good to go.

Fold your paper equally four times. Then, on one side, draw an outline of a bat before cutting it out to produce four identical creatures of the night. You can then tape this to a piece of string and hang it from your ceiling or porch and produce a traditional Halloween decoration in a matter of minutes.

If you’re worried about your bat outline, you could just cheat by downloading one online, printing it out, then all you need to do is cut.

Spider Webcomb
Credit: Jennifer CCC

2. Cotton Cobwebs 

You might argue that the easiest way to decorate your home with cobwebs is to just not clean for a few months, if you didn’t think of it in the build-up to Halloween, worry not. Cotton wool, which we know is every child’s favourite bit of crafting kit, will save the day!

Simply take some cotton wool pads from your bathroom, and leave them on top of a radiator for 15 minutes until they’re slightly warm. Next, remove them from the radiator and give them a small spritz of hairspray to keep them together. Now slowly pull apart each pad to create long white strands that look like real cobwebs.

You can tangle them all together to create huge webs that cover doors and windows to give your house that haunted mansion vibe. Now it definitely won’t look out of place in an episode of Scooby-Doo.

Pumpkin smile face
Image via Wikipedia.

3. Alternative Lanterns 

You know how it is, you pick the kids up from school and rush to that local express supermarket in the hope that they may have a few pumpkins left to carve that evening. Unfortunately, every other person has had the same idea, and all that’s left are a few sorry looking specimens that no-one will want to carve.

However, if you’re a bit of a folklore buff, you’ll know that it’s not just pumpkins that are traditionally carved on Halloween. In fact, if you would like to be more authentic, opt for some turnips or other gourds to contribute to the Halloween makeover. These spooky items are cheap, fun to carve and often still abundantly left in the shops on October 31st.

If you want to be a little less authentic or a little more creative, then try doing it with any fruit and veg you can think of. Super easy!

Did you know: Pineapples, apples and even avocados have been carved by some ingenious New Zealanders, a country where pumpkins are hard to come by

Have a wonderful October From Opun

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