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How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Many of us, whether we’re freelancers, students, work full-time from home or we need a place to write that novel we’ve been working on for the past umpteen years, dream of having the perfect home office. A space where we can really focus and get down to work without getting too distracted by the comforts of home.

When it comes to the decor of the home office, many sadly take a utilitarian approach to theirs in the hope that by filling it with nasty cheap office furniture that screams call centre, and by covering the walls with the same bleak ‘motivational’ posters, that they will instil a Victorian work ethic forcing you to focus on the job at hand.

At Opun we think that these ugly, dull rooms do nothing but distract and detract from the happiness of the occupant of said room. We believe it is better to create a fun and attractive  office space so that you relish the time within, to maximise your productivity and creativity, as well as your wellbeing, while you’re getting on with what you need to do. Getting the balance between fun and practical isn’t easy but here are a few decor tips to create a home office that will make you work better, faster and have more fun while you’re doing it.

Stay in the light

When it comes to laying out the furniture of the room, your primary concern is to find out where you will benefit most from the natural light the room has available. Natural light always trumps artificial – it boosts the mood, clears the head and helps you to focus.

There’s nothing worse than for the first clear skies of early spring to be presenting themselves and having to close the blinds because the glare is preventing you from seeing your monitor properly.

Its better then to position any computer monitors so that you will face the window. If you benefit from windows on both the easterly and westerly sides of your office then consider if you tend to use the room more in the morning or later on in the day.

 Image Credit:  Juliet Wang .  CC License

Put in plenty of plants

House plants not only improve the air quality of a room, they have been proven to help people to focus so are a must for any home office worth its salt.

No, not just a semi-dead lonesome spider plant, perched on a shelf, with its offspring trailing down and making a mess on the floor beneath. Go for a wide selection of different kinds of plants — cacti, succulents and crocuses are all attractive plant types that require very minimal upkeep and maintenance. If you’re all about the hard sale maybe a money plant will spur you on?

If you’re braver and greener-fingered, then orchids are always a beautiful edition coming in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

 Image Credit: Loaf . Smudge Chair

Get furniture you actually like

We already gave you a little hint in the intro of this post about what we thought about the standard of furniture in the present day office. You should make the standard of furniture in your home office as high as you would in any other room.

Whether you love the ‘form follows function’ ideals of Bauhaus mid-century furniture, are all about the sleek organic feel of modern Scandinavian design or you just love the ornate grandeur of Victorian furniture, invest enough into your work space so that you can whole-heartedly say you like its furnishings.

If you have the space, don’t just stop with a desk and some chairs either. Create a separate seating zone where you can step away from your desk so you can relax and contemplate an idea or think about a meeting, away from your core workspace. Maybe even do the full Don Draper and put a sofa in the corner so you can take a quick nap, for a quick recharge if need be.

Light it up

Of course, natural light is not always enough, particularly in the winter time. Therefore it is also important to consider the room’s artificial lighting. Avoid the fluorescent lighting of typical offices, unless you are fond of headache-inducing flickering every few months.

Instead go for bright white LED ceiling lighting. Its white light is more reminiscent of natural light and makes you feel more awake, which will ultimately aid you in getting your work done faster, and perhaps even allow you to clock off early.

 Image Credit: Athena . Athena Lifestyle Autumn 2017 CH.

Think about the art

Unless you really rate their ironic value, ditch those corporate motivational posters, in favour of works of art you actually like. Having art in your office will serve to inspire you and improve your creativity, a quality which benefits just about every profession and vocation.

The art you pick can relate to anything. Unless you really love your job or field of study to the point you don’t care about much else, don’t feel you have to do that thing of only putting up prints and pictures of things related to what you do: “We get it, you’re a graphic designer did you really need the 15 typography posters?” If there’s a piece of art you think would look good in your office, and you like it, go for it.

People fear that adding too much interest in the room will distract them focusing on the work at hand, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Australian researchers recently found that looking at a piece of art from your desk for just 40 seconds can boost brain power.

Do what’s right for you

ith so many different styles and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do with your home office. The fact is you know how your own mind works better than anyone; making sure you create a space that encourage you to work to your fullest with no distractions or small annoyances. 

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