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How to: Get the most from a small living room

If you’ve got a teeny tiny living room, you may think that there’s nothing you can do with it. It’s petite proportions rendering it unsuitable for use for more than a chosen few. And while having a small lounge may mean that when busy its youngest occupiers must take a seat on the floor, done well a small living room becomes a cosy, comfy and intimate space that you’ll relish time in, Here’s a few tips on how to achieve this.

Photo by in4mal/iStock / Getty Images

Wall mount the TV

TV cabinets are big and cumbersome, and many of them design-wise leave a lot to be desired. So it makes sense to mount your television on the wall to free up some much needed space in the room.

Some TVs today come complete with a wall bracket included, or one can be picked up relatively in-expensively online or in a electronics store. Decent models, come in a cantilever design allowing you to slightly adjust the angle and exact position of the TV, but before you do mount it anywhere check for glare from windows or other sources first, you don’t want to fit it then realise it would be better placed on an entirely different wall!

 Image Source: Crown Interiors . Via Flickr.  License

Sometimes bigger is better

The temptation with a small room is to go with fittingly small furniture, but consider that going for bigger could be better. A huge sectional sofa that seats many, but takes up a whole wall, could be better than a love seat and a chair, especially if it just leaves areas awkward dead space by the walls that can’t be easily walked past, or where other furniture could be placed. If you do go for a bigger piece of furniture then it’s a good idea to measure your sitting room’s dimensions and to bring a tape measure to the furniture shop, to make you can actually fit the item in the room.

When working out the layout of the room, consider the position of any fireplaces or log-burners. You don’t want it to work out so someone always has to sit and sweat next to a scorching fire, without space to scoot their seat away from it.

Hide it all away

Chargers, video game controllers, boardgames, treats and the plethora of other smaller items we need are all things that can clog up the coffee tables, floors and shelves of small living rooms. So buying furniture with ample storage within can prove a savvy investment to keep the room tidy.

Coffee tables with side drawers, as well as footstools and ottomans with built-in storage are great places to hide away such essentials.

Put up a mirror

We’ve said it many times, but it’s always worth mentioning. Adding a mirror to a room will make it seem bigger, so it’s a great way to stop a small room feeling too claustrophobic. As they also bounce light around the room they can make it feel brighter too.


The great advantage of smaller rooms, is that having ample lighting is far less of an issue. One overhead pendant light could be enough to illuminate the entire room, providing there are no awkward corners in the room that escape the light.

Even with just one light source for the whole room, installing a dimmer switch is advisable so you can tailor how bright the light is dependant on what activities the room is being used for.

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