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Know your styles: hyper modern bathrooms

A few weeks ago, we wrote a guide to creating a stunning bathroom in a traditional style, with clawfoot bathtubs, old fashioned taps and old school tiling, the kind of room that harks back to what some might call ‘simpler times’.

Of course, while many people love this look, others prefer to look forward in design rather than back. It therefore felt only right to also give you wonderful people a guide to the exact opposite of this trend.

Using the words hyper modern to describe this bathroom trend is actually somewhat misleading, while the name suggests it entails filling your bathroom with items that flash and bleep, faucets with microprocessors and cold blue lighting to make your WC feel like the bridge of a starship. It’s actually somewhat the opposite of that, rather modern bathroom design is about using composite organic materials, and taking design influences from nature to create tranquil spaces with a spa-like atmosphere.

Pulled off well the end result should create the feeling that you’re showering under a waterfall, bathing in a hot spring and washing your hands in a babbling brook. No easy feat that’s for sure, but check out these fixtures and fittings to take influence from and you’re sure to create a modern haven to take your morning ablutions.

Cascade taps

It’s the wee hours of Wednesday morning, you have to be up in a couple of hours to get to an important client meeting, but sleep eludes you, why? That infernal dripping sound coming from the ensuite tap that’s needed a new washer for months.

With a cascade mixer this is a thing of the past, turn the on lever and water flows along the faucet like a river reaching a waterfall, in a way that is just oh so visually satisfying. Once an item only found in the most upmarket hotel bathrooms these taps can now be picked up relatively inexpensively from just about every bathroom supplier.

Oval tubs

Old fashioned bathtubs whether they sit up on clawfoot legs, or are the sunken variety with a ply or tiled enclosure built around them, resemble… well bathtubs.

Modern style baths however can be made from a variety of organic and manmade materials and come in an exciting array of shapes and sizes. Often resembling deep sleep pods from big budget sci-fi films, They make a cosy cocoon in which to take a lengthly soak and escape from the world.

 Image Credit: Tile Mountain. Product Name:  Calcutta wall and floor tiles. Price:  £45.55. www.tilemountain.co.uk

Neutral, organic tiling

When it comes to walls and flooring for modern bathrooms soothing neutral colours are the orders of the day. In keeping with the nature influence theme, tiles made from organic materials such as slate, granite and marble are perennial favourites.

However, there are a great many imitation options made from porcelain, ceramics or composite materials that may be harder wearing or considerably cheaper, while still maintaining many of the aesthetics of the real versions.

 Image Credit:  Tikamoon.  Product Name:  Lave main Nobu.  Price: £119.    http://www.tikamoon.com/art-lave-main-nobu-1203.htm

Stoneware fixtures

Taking this organic features thing to the next level is using stone to form bathroom fixtures. In particular, stone basins make spectacular centrepieces to really wow guest. Once upon a time it would have taken skilled craftsmen a fair amount of time to chisel and smoothen, with modern machining techniques it’s now possible to create such objects at a speed that means they can be sold at affordable prices. Somehow looking both futuristic and ancient simultaneously, stoneware fixtures are one of our favourite bathroom features.

 Image Credit:  Merlyn Showering.  Product Name:  Three Sided Showerwall.  Price:  £1063.23. https://merlynshowering.com/

Walk-in shower

And last of all, one of the most stunning features of modern bathroom design is the walk-in shower. Especially if paired with a rainfall showerhead. There are two options, for a really chic luxurious look go for an open walk-in, as in there is no glass screen or curtain around the shower, you literally just shower in the middle of the bathroom with water draining directly into the floor.

Alternatively, if you feel this would leave you feeling a little exposed, or you have a smaller bathroom want to limit the amount of water that splashes across the floor and steam that spreads around the room, then go for an enclosed option such as in the picture above.

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