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Know your styles: Traditional bathrooms

We live in an increasingly connected world, with our smartphones and tablets containing an ever growing arsenal of apps that bleep every time someone emails us, messages us or maybe just likes an #TBT you put up earlier.

It’s a miraculous time that grants us an entire world of information at our fingertips. However, it can sometimes all get a bit much, this constantly being available business. Sometimes we all need a bit of ‘me time’ to get away from it all. If this sounds right to you, and you’re considering redecorating or installing a new bathroom then the traditional style could be right up your street.

Harking back to times, when the only way to meet up with your friend in town was to “Meet by the big clock at 12:00” the traditional bathroom style creates a sanctuary you can go to escape and soak in the tub for an hour, so as to forget about such distractions and really just indulge yourself in a bit of pampering.

So what are the features to look out for in a traditional bathroom? Here’s our run down.

 Image Credit:  John Hickey-Fry . Via Flickr. CC License

Luxurious bathtubs

To achieve a really stunning traditional bathroom style, it is essential to choose good quality, luxurious fittings with traditional design elements. This is important to avoid your new bathroom project having more of a ‘boarding school changing room, circa 1986’ aesthetic rather than the luxury retreat you intended it for.

Clawfoot bathtubs are probably the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘traditional bathroom’ and don’t be afraid of being cliched. Grand and ornate, they make wonderful spots to while away the hours by having a good old soak. If they are a little too fuddy-duddy for you then go for an oval option, if you’re feeling particularly daring and want to splash some cash, tubs with a copper exterior make fantastic focal points.

Ornate basins

Contemporary sinks with their machined stone bowls and waterfall taps are the bath room feature du jour in interior design. But, there’s much to be said for the timeless beauty of some of the classic beauty of traditional bathroom sinks.

Authentic looking pedestal varieties can be picked up from just about any bathroom supplier relatively inexpensively. But if you want something a little different consider going for a fitted vanity with sunken sink or a victorian style wall attached basin supported with a metal frame, to add a little interest by exposing the ornate metallic waste pipe beneath.

Bits of bling

While to many of us, with our contemporary tastes, gold hued faucets can seem a little ostentatious, they were staples of traditional bathroom design. It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world, but if well executed these slightly OTT taps can in fact a instil a luxurious sense of ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour.

If gold is just a bit too showy for you but you want something a bit more interesting than the standard chrome, go for another traditional material such as brass, which has also been bang on trend for the last few years.

 Image Credit:  Gürkan Sengün . Via Wikimedia. CC License

Timeless tiling

Today contemporary bathroom designers favour granite, or other stone flagging. Back in the day however patterned porcelain tiles were a must. Black and white checkerboard patterning will always be a popular choice for those looking for a retro look, and while it was maligned for awhile is actually considered to be pretty trendy these days.

Another option is to go for a brave art deco tiled backsplash. This 1920s art movement has been heralded ever since as a golden age of interior design. With geometric tiling coming in a wide range of exuberant colours and patterns, which could be just the thing to really make your new bathroom an absolute showstopper.

Hide tech

Now, it’s no secret that most people love a good power shower, even if they may not be the most water conserving way to carry out our morning ablutions. Just because you want your bathroom to have a traditional appeal, doesn’t mean you have to put up with traditional performance.

In the same way you can buy retro-looking bicycles with all the mod-cons of their contemporarily styled cousins, you can by traditional looking bathroom fixtures that covertly contain powerful modern pumps. Letting you avoid those plastic wall mounted boxes typical of power showers, ruining the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

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