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Project Tour: Incredible Home Extension

A home extension is possibly the most versatile of all home improvement projects. Allowing for the creation of any number of new rooms, the possibilities for the new space are near endless. Mitch Harris, one of Opun’s expert surveyors, explains: ‘A new kitchen, home gym or even an interior swimming pool, the only limit to what you can do with an extension project is your own imagination’. Today, we’d like to highlight an extension project we are particularity proud of.

This south London family were itching to stretch their home improvement muscles and give their property a stunning contemporary update. With 40% more habitable space added to the property they were afforded the space to construct a chic new kitchen, bright and spacious dining area, two beautiful new bedrooms and four tranquil new bathrooms. This is truly a home improvement project that has not only transformed the dimensions of the property, but the everyday lives of our customers as well.

In this post we will take you on a virtual tour of the extended space, stopping off in each room and examining some of the unique design features found within.  From Scandinavian hygge to industrial chic, different aesthetic styles are masterfully utilised at various points throughout the property. Of course, we will also bring in Opun’s expert design team and surveyors to offer some in-depth analysis of certain design choices. Let’s get cracking shall we?

Exhilarating Exterior

A wonderful combination of natural beauty and engineered prowess, the external view of the property really takes the breath away. Delightfully framed by two Mediterranean topiary bay trees, expansive bi-folding doors create a welcoming aura throughout the back garden space. Our customer was heart-set on creating a quasi-pastoral garden landscape. The finished area resembles a glorious prelapsarian Eden: sprawling, picturesque and unblemished.

Marcus Shirley, a member of the Opun design team who contributed to this project, explains the thinking behind the garden look: ‘The stark contrast between the swaying curves of the trees and the sharp right angles of the extension creates a unique visual’. When you add in the combination of the grass’ lush greens and the industrial chic grey of the concrete patio you end up with a back garden that is simply irresistible.

Marvelous Mezzanine

The view from the upper floor mezzanine presents a beautiful panorama of the garden space. Bold and wide windows ensure the space is always bathed in magnificent natural light. This stunning three tier glass installation not only offers magnificent views but is also a fantastic money saving tool – with all that natural light there’s no need to rack up extortionate energy bills.

As you can no doubt surmise from the surroundings, our customer is a particularly keen drummer. The vast expanse of space created by the home extension gives him the necessary room to rock out to his heart’s content. The upper mezzanine doubles as a music room with the triangular third level window even resembling Glastonbury’s famous pyramid stage. This means our customer can follow in the footsteps of legendary drummers, such as Keith Moon and Phil Collins, and launch into a blistering solo as the sun sets in the distance.

Delightful Dining Room

Inspired by the open and airy beach houses found along the Mediterranean coast, this bright and open dining area adds a sprinkle of exotic spice to meal time. This expansive space encourages long conversations and heightened social engagement, transforming mealtime into the optimum family bonding experience.

Ina Szilagyi, one of Opun’s design experts, believes a move towards open and airy dining spaces will be a key interior trend over the coming years. She notes that the presence of natural light and a gentle breeze creates the impression of a permanent holiday – a feeling which is ‘just too good to resist’. Our customer was keen to be at the forefront of the latest trends and this dining space is one of his favourite features in the entire home.

Magnificent Modern Kitchen

This kitchen really brings the ‘wow’ factor and is sure to take the breath away. Kitchen designer Chandni Kavaiya explains how this kitchen combines many trendy features to magnificent effect: ‘industrial pendant lighting, a spacious seating area, broken glass counter tops and a glass panel splashback – this kitchen quite simple has everything you could possibly want’.  All of this combines with an open plan L-shape design to create a brand new space that just oozes contemporary cool.

With this beautiful open plan design and an abundance of eye catching features, the new space almost has more in common with a swanky contemporary art gallery than a traditional kitchen. This is perhaps best exemplified by the majestic broken glass counter tops; each area is completely unique thanks to the individual cracks in the glass. Our customer can honestly say his kitchen is truly one of a kind.

Wonderful Wet Bar

This custom home bar is the cherry on top of the kitchen extension and adds some pizzazz to the entire property. Fully stocked up with drinks of our customers’ choosing and with multiple storage areas, this home bar is perfect for getting the party started. Who wouldn’t want to be their own Sam Malone?

The presence of a faucet and basin unit denotes this as a ‘wet’ bar rather than a more minimal corner bar. The benefit of this is that you can wash all your glasses at the bar itself rather than having to carry them over to the kitchen and cluttering up the counter. As such, it’s fair to say that this home bar is the perfect meeting point of luxury and convenience.

Majestic Master Bathroom

With a glorious freestanding bathtub and majestic bejeweled mirror dominating the space, this new family bathroom is truly fit for royalty. The rounded bathtub is a personal favourite of Anat Elkarat, one of Opun’s bathroom experts. She notes: ‘a rounded bathtub gives any bathroom an elegant and classy finishing touch.’ In this family bathroom the majestic bathtub is exactly where it belongs – at center stage.

We especially like the white/dark blue colour scheme that is deployed in the bathroom space. A warm yet regal combination, this colour scheme perfectly fits in with the luxurious feel of the bathroom features. Royal blue mosaic tiles on the mirror and shower wall contribute to a magnificent tone-on-tone look that only adds to the bathroom’s aesthetic beauty.

Ravishing Red En Suite

A stunning vertical herringbone metro tile layout employing a striking bright red colour scheme is the show stopping headline piece of this en suite bathroom. The use of thick white grout between the tiles emphasises the space between the tiles and heightens the unique geometric pattern that is created. A simple, yet incredibly effective, variation of the traditional ‘retro metro’ look, this is one bathroom feature that is sure to linger long in the memory.

There’s also an impressive amount of space available throughout the en suite. The room is given an light and airy aura thanks to the presence of a tinted window by the toilet. Finally, sleek white countertops and shelving units add an element of class to the en suite space.

Fantastic Family Bathroom

This luscious family bathroom screams contemporary chic and is fitted out with the latest tech to ensure the height of bathroom luxury. Alexa voice activated technology keeps the bathrom at the cutting edge of home bathing. Fiona Byfield, Opun’s technology spokeswoman, explains that ‘the total control and convenience of SMART technology such as Alexa  is more than just a gimmick. Soon all our bathing options will be voice activated – you’ll never have to touch a faucet again.’

The en suite’s luxurious walk-in shower has both hand held and waterfall options meaning our customers are able to create their dream personalised shower experience. The chic neutral colour scheme creates a tranquil atmosphere – perfect for a touch of self-care.

Enchanting En Suite

This sleek and spacious en suite is our final stop on the project tour. A floating vanity unit and white paint work creates an atmosphere of total tranquility, With a light breeze flowing in from the window and a fresh bevelled mirror, this en suite is the ideal space for our cusomters to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

A spacious walk-in shower area is the main feature on offer in the en suite. The wide space between the en suite wall and the glass divider ensures our customer has all the room necessary to lose themselves in a world of total relaxation. Black mosaic tiles play in to the overall aesthetic of the entire property and provide this specific en suite with some additional edge.

What Will You Do?

We hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of our customer’s new extension, and that you have found plenty of ideas to inspire your next home improvement project. As previously mentioned, when it comes to extension projects the only real limit is your own imagination. Of course, you should talk to an expert to make sure you have a good idea of what would work well for your own home. We’d only be too happy to help.

Thinking About Extending Your Home?

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