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Redesigning the master bedroom? Read these tips first 

Redesigning or decorating a bedroom is often a deceptively tricky feat. This is because while no one would consider the master bedroom a utilitarian space, there are many large items which most of us would consider necessities in the room — a bed, a place to store clothing, a mirror etc, which makes finding the optimum layout for the room difficult.

In addition to finding the best layout to simply make the room ‘feel right’ you also need to consider factors such as making sure the room provides the right environment to provide a goods night sleep, is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But do not fear Opun is here, just follow these tips to make sure you turn your master bedroom into the room of your dreams.

Follow the view

While all of us may not be lucky enough to have flowing vistas to look out upon from our bedroom window, it still makes up an important part of the room. If the rooms physical dimensions permit then try to position the bed so that you can enjoy the morning light, on those lazy Sundays where you want to spend the first hour or so before getting up relaxing in bed with a paper and cup of coffee.

In addition to this, fresh air helps us get to sleep as well as makes we sleep better. So position the bed close (but not too close) to a window is advisable.

 Image Credit: Isa . Via Flickr. CC License

Find the right window treatments

The bedroom is perhaps the most crucial place to invest in good window treatments, whether you go for blinds, curtains or perhaps even shutters there’s much to consider. Following up from our first tip, while you want to position the bed to enjoy that morning light, you do also want to have a way to block it out for on those hungover, sick or simply late night days where you just want to have lie-in.

With this in mind go for thick curtains or the so-called ‘black-out’ blinds available to ensure you’ll be able to sleep in the daylight if you ever need to. These window treatments also tend to have better insulating properties to ensure that your bedroom is never too hot or cold.

 Don’t forget about the lighting

Getting the lighting right can be tricky in any room, and is particularly important in the bedroom. You want to have some warm, dim ambient lighting to help you unwind as you prepare for bed, perhaps a slightly brighter reading light, as well as strong task lighting to use for things like applying makeup as well asfor chores like hoovering, sorting socks and organising the wardrobe.

If you have a particularly large bedroom then it is a good idea to compartmentalise the lighting, for example having a separate circuit for a reading nook or make-up area.

Think hard about the colour scheme before you commit

Getting the colour-scheme right for the bedroom is difficult, not only do you need to find a colour that is soothing enough to not prevent sleep (avoid reds, bright purples and pinks) you may also need to agree and/or compromise on the colouring with your partner.

As general rule blues, greens, neutral and some pastels all work well in the bedroom. If you go for wallpaper or are also buying new furnishings avoid patterns that could be described as ‘busy’.

Consider the electronics

While, there are a great many bloggers out there telling you that you should chuck out all of your electronics from the bedroom, to have a mindful, peaceful night’s sleep. Most of these bloggers do not live in reality, and do not really realise that many of us like to use our phones as our alarm clocks or that we enjoy occasionally wallowing in bed with a soppy romcom.

However, having trailing wires everywhere will certainly distract from the aesthetic of your newly designed master bedroom, and can visually even be slightly stressful. So it may be worth having plug sockets installed to fit the rooms new layout. Wall-mount or conceal the television if you want one in the bedroom.

Transform your master bedroom with Opun

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