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Selling your home? Here’s the 5 biggest turn-offs to buyers!

Whether you’re selling your home to relocate, upsize, downsize, or just fancy something a little different. One thing you probably don’t want is to be stuck with your house on the market for ages, especially if you’ve already found your dream new home.

But just what exactly could be slowing down your property sale? Obviously location, upkeep and market-factors will play a profound affect, but it could also be your home’s decor. Barclays Mortgages carried out a survey back in 2015, into the biggest home improvement turns offs, that could be affecting your property sale.

If your property has any of these features it could well be worth changing before you sell up, not only may it reduce the time your home spends on the market, it could up its market value too!

1. Avocado bathrooms

It’s almost a cliche to bring up avocado hued bathroom fittings and fixtures, when talking about home decor turn-offs. But this feature that was so popular in the 1970s and ‘80s topped the list with 62% of the 2000 respondents citing them as a big no no.

While we think there’s many people out there with an eye for design who could make a retro, avocado tinged bathtub or sink really work in a modern bathroom. We think this refers more specifically to very dated looking ’70s bathrooms. However, if you are fixing up the bathroom before selling, it may be best to to avoid fittings shaded as such just to be safe.

2. Wood chip wallpaper

A staple of ‘60s and ‘70s homes, wood chip wallpaper is tough and robust. A little too so, many would argue, as the most common response today when mentioning this type of decoration is how difficult it is to take down, especially once it’s had a few coats of emulsion paint over the top.

But, having it taken down may prove fruitful, as this was the second most likely piece of home decor to be listed as a faux par by survey respondents.

 Photo by Sludge G , via Flickr, License

3. Stone cladding

As any estate agent will tell you, curb side appeal is an important aspect when selling a home. It doesn’t matter how nice the inside of your home is, if no one is calling the estate agent to book a viewing, based on it’s outward appearance.

And it seems that stone cladding is a particular off-putter, with 54% of respondents listing it as not to their taste.

The removal of stone cladding a fairly large change to make to the house, particularly if it was fitted during construction, rather than it being a later addition, but it could be well worth it.

 Photo by Thor , via Flickr, License

4. Flock wallpaper

Unsurprisingly getting it’s name from the process of ‘flocking’ where fibres are tightly compact to create that velvet effect and feel.

Flock wallpaper has actually seen a big resurgence in popularity in recent years, to the point where we were a little surprised to find it on the list.

We guess it must be because of the fact, that the patterns are typically highly ornate and decorative. Where as home buyers may be looking for more of a blank canvas in a room so that they can put their own mark on. (Which could well be their own preference of flock wallpaper pattern!)

 Photo by Kevin Doncaster , via Flickr, License

5. Artex ceilings

Artex ceilings are still a common feature in many homes, a remnant perhaps again of the the 1970’s. It’s original selling point was the fact that as the material is supposed to have that telltale textured finish, which meant it could be completed by a DIY enthusiast with little in the way of plastering skills.

However, there are two key issues with Artex, first it is essentially impossible to repair in a way that matches the existing swirled patterns. Second depending on when the product was applied, it may have white asbestos in it’s composition. While, experts state that this texture is only harmful in the powdered form, this makes removing it hazardous and as such should really only be attempted by someone who knows what they’re doing, with suitable protective gear.

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