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This season’s 7 hottest home decor trends

With the summer season well on its way we thought it was time to take a look at what has been some of the year’s hottest interior design trends. To give you some ideas on how to spruce up your home for the warmer months.

Reclaimed material

The popularity of reclaimed materials shows no signs of abating, not only is giving old materials a new lease on life an environmentally friendly and economical choice they look great too. Consider using up-cycled timber for characteristic hardwood flooring or counter tops that provide a talking point.  Sustainability is set to be a trend that won’t go away in interior design so mix reclaimed items with modern eco-friendly materials for a look that stays fresh.


Copper fixtures and fittings saw a rise in popularity last year and have now been joined other metallic tones such as gold and brass so don’t be afraid to mix your metals! These warmer metallic tones pair well with natural materials such as wood and stone.

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Characterful lighting

Gone are the days of drab lampshades, these days light fittings can be works of art. A pretty pendant light will brighten up any room as well as provide an interesting centre piece — think glass cages, vintage factory lights and patterned pieces to make a real statement.

Nature prints

From cushions and pillows to plates and bowls adding a botanical note has become popular trend for 2016 as part of the greater overarching concept of blurring the lines between inside and outside space. For the adventurous don’t stop at just flora throw in some animal prints for a real air of the great outdoors.

Terrific taps

Tri-flow taps come in a variety of styles to suit any kitchen, these fabulous faucets can distribute filtered; cold, hot and boiling water all from the same spout, saving you time, space and the need for a kettle. Some modern varieties even have the option of spraying out sparkling water.

Stone bathrooms

Continuing on the season’s running theme of the organic, add stone basins, baths and other fittings to the bathroom. The wonderful thing about using stone is that each item needs to be individually cut and machined so every one is unique. These items also play into the concept of the ‘liveable bathroom’. If you have the space build on this idea by pairing stone fittings with a luscious rug and a stylish sofa or armchair, to give the room the atmosphere of a luxury spa.  

Return to the ‘70s

The catwalk drew a clear influence from the vibes of the ‘70s last year and it seems this season home décor will do the same. With retro furniture styles and an eclectic mixture of materials such as velvets, leathers and wicker becoming very much in vogue again with interior designers and furniture manufacturers alike. 

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