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Tips for stress-free teen bedroom decoration

As our kids make the transition from child to teenager, the chances are they will start to outgrow the Peppa Pig bedsheets and the piles of old and dirty toys they’ve sprawled across the floor in favour of things that “You’re not cool enough to understand!” and for well, piles of old and dirty clothes sprawled across the floor in most cases.

As they grow up it is therefore important that their room is representative of the young adult they are becoming, so they gain a little of the independence they crave and don’t feel stunted. This is not always an easy feat however, and their can be a fair few arguments over colour and decor between parent and child, but following these simple tips may be helpful in making the process as painless as possible for all parties involved!

Remember it is their room, not yours!

This is by far and away the most important point to remember, while you have an entire house your child’s bedroom is their one little sanctuary in the world and it should feel as such. They also probably spend considerably more time in their room than you do anywhere in the house at all.

It can be tempting to go for neutral colours and inoffensive furniture in your teenager’s room, with the intention of turning it into a guest bedroom in a couple of years when you cart them off to university, but this is certain to cause arguments. Try to remember it’s not fair to force your child to live in a space which doesn’t really feel like it’s theirs for the next 4 or 5 years. They should have a great deal of say on what happens to their room. Look at furniture and swatches together and if they select items and colours you simply cannot abide then try and find a compromise, it will make your life a lot easier.

Celebrate their interests

Whether your kid’s a budding musician, keen cyclist or an aspiring artist, try to nourish their interests by incorporating it into their room somehow. This could be achieved by taking simple influences from their hobby into the decor of the room, for example choosing framed posters or ornaments that relate to it somehow, or if they have a larger room to even creating spaces where they can practice their passion.

Spring for a double

We know it can be tempting to stick your young one with the same single bed they’ve been sleeping in since before they could even speak, but if the room can accommodate a double or three quarter sized bed then you should go for one your child will appreciate the gesture. And in ten years time when they visit for a weekend, they won’t be forced to sleep in a child’s bed.

Work space

Although you may feel that your teenager spends very little time actually doing their coursework and assignments, creating a dedicated work and study area will help them to avoid procrastination and get on with all of the things they need to do. A desk, chair and lamp is all that’s required, although in addition to this if you’re willing to spend a little more it may be beneficial to purchase a monitor and HDMI lead so they don’t have to hunch over their laptop all evening, this can also double up as TV for them to use once they’ve finished their homework.

 Image via Flickr. Source: Jeremy Levine.  License.


With a teenagers bedroom you simply cannot have enough storage so fill it with as much as possible to try and help them organise all of the clothes and items they’re going to accumulate over the next few years. You’ll also need this storage space to stow away all of the toys and other items that your tween or teen is as of yet unwilling to part with, despite the fact they haven’t touched them in years.

Finally, avoid flavours of the month!

While, you want your kids to be able to express themselves in their rooms it is wise to try and detect any fads or trends they are likely to soon lose interest in and to try and persuade them to go for something different in the room’s decor. The boyband your thirteen year old daughter is obsessed with right now is probably something she’ll be rather embarrassed about at seventeen, particularly if there’s a massive mural dedicated to them behind her bed.

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