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What should your New Year’s resolutions be for your home?

We’d like to start by wishing you all a thoroughly happy New Year from all of the team at Opun and here’s to a great 2017!

Now is a time where we all look towards ways that we can improve both our own lives, and the lives of others. Whether we make resolutions to be healthier, happier, kinder or more charitable. But, what about your home? At Opun we like to think that the start of the year is not only a great time to improve yourself, but also to think about how you can improve your home, and by doing so improve the home-lives of everyone in your household.

Here’s a few ideas for resolutions you could make to improve your home life.

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Tackle all those little maintenance jobs

Like emails, if ignored, the small maintenance jobs we all have around the home can build up. While they’re not the worse thing in the world they cause undue stress. Whether it’s that drippy ensuite tap that keeps you up at night. Or the unsightly peeling paint to the rear of the house. These problems are usually easily remediable, but we just keep procrastinating them, why not turn a new leaf and have them all sorted? It will help you feel more tranquil and at peace as you waltz around your home.

Main focus of the young male’s decorating equipment as he works in the background, out of focus.

Finish what you’ve already started!

Before you consider any way new ways to improve your home, it’s a good idea to start by finishing what’s already been started. Whether it’s a kitchen stuck in limbo, awaiting the new kitchen fittings stashed away in the garage, or it’s those two walls still waiting to be wallpapered in the living room. Finishing a project will not only give you a great sense of accomplishment but it will inspire you on what to do next to make your home a more enjoyable and beautiful place to be.

Organise your spaces

Even in rooms which you’ve recently renovated, the actual organisation of the space can still be a major issue for many homeowners. Yes, those Scandinavian kitchen cabinets are beautiful and practical with all their clever storage innovations. It’s just a shame many of us tend not to utilise them — piling all our pots, pans and miscellaneous cookware together in one big cupboard.

Setting aside a good amount of time to organise a room could revolutionise the space, it may seem like a big time commitment, but over the course of the year you’ll save time not having to search for items. Don’t just limit yourself to the kitchen, sort out the study, living room and then tackle the monumental task of your wardrobe and sock drawer!

Plan your next project

Finally, the fun part! January is a fabulous time to consider, plan and begin your next home improvement project. Install that conservatory you’ve been dreaming of in time for spring. How about a kitchen extension? Or maybe just a bit of living room redecoration. Have a think about what changes you’d really love to make to your home, and when you know, contact Opun to find out how we could make it all happen!

Improve your home this New Year with Opun

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