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Your Bedroom, Carpet Right?

There’s no denying that hard wood floors, or even exposed floorboards, look great in any room, regardless of its function or style. However, when it comes to the bedroom,  it’s as easy to argue for a carpeted floor as it is for hard wood. In fact, carpet might even be a better option.

For everyone who thinks that a carpet would be a bit unsophisticated for their master suite, here are a few reasons why you should at least consider the idea next time you revamp your bedroom…


There are few worse ways to start the day than rolling out of a lovely warm bed at the crack of dawn during a freezing February and stepping out onto an icy floor. Unfortunately one of the major drawbacks of hardwood, laminate and tile floorings is that although they’re durable and easy to keep clean, they are all very poor thermal insulation.

By contrast, a carpet is incredibly insulating. This means it not only keeps your bedroom (and your feet) warm during the winter, it also keeps it cool in the summer too.

Sound dampening

You know how it is, you’ve got an early start tomorrow and need a good night’s sleep, however, your other half or teenage child have other plans. In fact, one of them’s downstairs right now, cranking the living room’s new surround system to its limits. And, of course, that’s conveniently positioned right below your bedroom.

With many types of flooring, you’d find your slumber interrupted by a constant assault of vibration, bass rumble and Vin Diesel dialogue. Few people would ever consider expensively installing sound dampening padding to your living room ceiling as that’s quite an extreme measure. Yet having a carpeted floor upstairs would not only look and feel great, it would also do a wonderful job of blocking out loud music and action movie explosions.

Plenty of choice

Do you want level loop pile, multi level loop pile, saxony, velvet or twist? What about the material – nylon or olefin, wool or acrylic? Finally, how do you make a decision when there’s an essentially unlimited choice of colours and patterns?

Carpets are just about the most diversely variable type of flooring when it comes to looks, texture and style. While you might think of carpet as being a little fussy and old fashioned, even the quickest browse of a carpet shop or website will show you that there’s always a style that you love, with plenty of traditional as well as contemporary products out there.

Matching your budget

The cost of carpeting varies enormously, of course, depending on the material and manufacturer. But compared to the alternatives, carpet is actually one of the cheapest types of flooring you can go for.

Not only is the raw product cheap to purchase, but the labour costs are also low, since an experienced professional can carpet a whole room very quickly. This also means you could have a new carpet in your home the very same day you purchased it.


While it might not be quite as robust as stone or wood, a good quality carpet that’s been fitted well and regularly maintained can still last many, many years.

Popular for a reason

While there’s a big choice of flooring options out there and carpet can sometimes seem a bit boring, there are good reasons why having a carpeted bedroom is still so popular. For a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep that begins and ends with you twiddling your toes into soft warmth, a good carpet can be hard to beat.

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