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Your Opun Warranty Explained

Once your project is complete and final payment has been received, your warranty will come into effect.


What is covered by this warranty:

For major projects, including loft conversions, extensions and renovations, which are generally controlled by building regulations and planning permissions (“Controlled Work”), the warranty is for 12 years.  Kitchen and bathroom ware and appliances included in Controlled Work have a 5-year warranty. The cover is up to the lower of the original value of the Project Value and £250,000. 


For smaller projects, which are not controlled by building regulations and planning permissions, such as kitchens and bathrooms (“Exempt Work”), the warranty is for 5 years.  The cover is up to the lower of the original value of the Project and £50,000.


The Warranty is provided by Opun and is backed by an insurance policy purchased from JLP Insurance Ltd (part of the John Lewis group of companies).


Your warranty covers :

The cost incurred by Opun for materials and labour for repairing or replacing defective materials or remedying defective workmanship with something equivalent to, but not better than, the original project specification.


All reasonable professional fees paid by Opun incurred in assessing or rectifying a Defect.


All reasonable costs incurred with Opun’s consent in complying with local authority building regulations or other statutory requirements resulting from a Defect.


All reasonable costs incurred with Opun’s consent in the necessary temporary protection of the Premises and/or its contents against damage or further damage pending the reinstatement of the Project.


Extent of Cover:

The Opun Warranty gives very substantial cover but the true value in any warranty is being able to make a claim easily.  Rest assured, we want to look after you and your Project, and every other project you undertake with us in the future – we really value your continued custom.


Naturally, there are a few terms and conditions, as indicated below.



You are eligible for cover under the Opun Warranty, if:

  • You are a customer of Opun and have paid in full for your Project; and
  • You own the Premises where the Project was undertaken; and
  • The Premises are a domestic dwelling and not commercial premises or let to paying tenants.



The Opun Warranty runs for 12 years for Controlled Work or 5 years for Exempt Work from the date of Completion.


What you are not covered for:

  • Any consequential loss. This warranty only covers the cost of putting right the Defect. If you have lost any other income or incurred any other costs as a result of the Defect this is not covered by this warranty.
  • Anything not contracted for in the Project contract.
  • Any work to repair the defect that is undertaken by somebody other than Opun.
  • Wear & Tear.
  • Damage to, or failure of, toilet seats, shower heads, sealants and serviceable products that have not been maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Settlement cracks and/or defective paintwork and decoration reported after the 1 year anniversary of the completion of the Project.
  • The cost of defective products recoverable at no expense to a customer under any guarantee or warranty provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the materials. This warranty is for the work undertaken by Opun, any defect in a product installed should be directed to the manufacturer (you should consider completing and returning any warranty cards supplied with products installed)
  • Pressure waves caused by aircraft or aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
  • Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly or component.
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion, or confiscation or nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority.
  • Damage or destruction caused by, contributed to, or arising from an act of Terrorism.


How to make a claim under this warranty :

Please contact :

It would be helpful if you could provide full details of the alleged defect including photos.



The first £200 of each and every claim is not included in this warranty.

Opun reserves the right to not undertake any repairs that, in our opinion, will cost less than the excess.


Voiding of the Opun Warranty:

The Opun Warranty is void if:

  • You, anyone acting for you, or an Independent Contractor carries out any alterations, repairs, modifications, additions or other works to the premises likely to affect some or all of the works carried out by Opun under the Project, unless Opun agrees in writing that the alterations will or do not affect the works carried out by Opun under the Project.
  • You fail to properly maintain the premises or change their use from domestic to commercial.
  • There is abnormal use of the premises leading to greater structural loads or greater than normal wear than might reasonably be anticipated when the Project was specified and quoted. 
  • Any wilful act of a customer leads to a Defect. 


Transfer of your Warranty:

The Opun Warranty is personal to the Customer and it is terminated if the customer sells the premises in which the Project was undertaken.  However, Opun recognises that the Opun Warranty is valuable to a new owner of the premises and so, Opun will transfer the warranty for the remaining cover period upon written notification of the change in ownership of the premises, along with the full details of the new owner.



Customer: The person named in an Opun Warranty who has paid Opun upon completion of a Project.

Completion: A project reaches the stage of completion when the final post-completion sign-off document is signed by the Customer and Opun, and final payment is made.

Defect: Defective Materials or Defective Workmanship.

Defective Materials: Any materials, supplied by a Trade Partner as part of a project, that do not perform to the specifications provided by Opun to a customer.

Defective Workmanship: Work carried out on a project by a Trade Partner that does not meet the standard expected by the customer or does not meet applicable building regulations or industry standards.

In writing/written: Communication either by letter and delivered by hand or post or by electronic mail.

Independent Contractor: A contractor who is not a Trade Partner.

Opun: Opun is the trading name of Carlisle Place Ventures Limited, part of the John Lewis group of companies.

Opun Warranty: A warranty, as detailed by this document, issued by Carlisle Place Ventures Ltd (trading as Opun) to a customer upon completion of a project. Carlisle Place Ventures insure the obligations created by this warranty with JLP Insurance Ltd (part of the John Lewis group of companies).

Period of Insurance: This insurance shall commence on date of Completion and shall continue until cancelled in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

Premises: The building or structure at the address noted in the project contract at which the project is carried out.

Project: Materials supplied and/or installed and works carried out by Opun and/or a Trade Partner.

Project Contract: An agreement between a customer and Opun that sets out the scope of a project.

Project Value: The amount paid by the customer to Opun upon completion of a project, including any amount paid as a deposit or interim payment.

Trade Partner: A contractor who has satisfied the take-on conditions set by Opun and continues to meet the ongoing conditions of the Trade Partner agreement, and who is engaged by Opun to provide services to a Customer.

Trade Partner agreement: The contract between Opun and a Trade Partner that sets out the basis on which the Trade Partner will be engaged by Opun.


How to contact us

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